Tern Bicycles has partnered with Xtracycle to create the Cargo Node, an mashup of two seemingly opposing concepts: A massive cargo bike with 350lb load capacity, and a tiny folding bike that fits in the boot of a car. Or an elevator. Or apartment corner.

But that’s just what the two companies are doing, and they’re both bringing all of the features they’re known for to it, creating a massively versatile and functional bike that will bring home the groceries then fold down to a third of it’s size…


Get it early in their Kickstarter campaign and you can nab a special all-black model for $1,500. Add baskets and other goodies and it’ll go up a bit. It’s worth mentioning that the bicycle frame is a specially developed folding bike made specifically to fold flush against the cargo section. So, while Xtracycle typically makes add-on cargo sections that convert any bike to a gear hauling truck, this particular combo is tailor made to work together. So, the cargo section is not currently available separately to fix to any Tern folding bike…but they told us that’s not ruled out for future projects.


The Cloak’d saddle bag combines two commonly used items into one well thought out unit, giving commuters, students and the like an easy way to keep their stuff safe and dry while riding and their saddle dry while parked. Heck, we’ve even wished we’d covered our bike seat in the blazing sun, too, and this should certainly help keep it a bit cooler on those hot summer days.

The bag features a firm, waterproof bottom and door to protect things like your phone, wallet, etc., from tire spray…and also gives you a handy place to keep them so they’re not bouncing around in your pocket. The seat cover stows in a mesh side sleeve so it can air dry while riding while being quickly accessible as soon as you’re parked. Grab one on their Kickstarter campaign now for just $25, available with two different sized saddle covers to work with standard and big, cushy grandma seats.


The saddle bag is water resistant, but the cover is 100% waterproof. The cover is also detachable if you’d prefer to use the side pocket for extra storage or swap it for another color.


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