The little computer that can is now shipping, giving you GPS ride tracking and virtually every other metric you’d want for just $169. The Polar M450 builds in GPS, a barometer, an auto-on/off blinky headlight and the ability to capture heart rate, power and speed/cadence from Bluetooth sensors. It’ll also show all the other normal things like speed, distance, elapsed time, etc. When paired with the Look Keo Power pedals, it’ll even show left/right force vectors for the full rotation of your pedal stroke.

Add Polar’s BT HR strap to the package and it’ll run $199. Sync it with your phone for real time training uploads and analysis, and post-ride sharing to Polar’s network. Strava syncing comes in October. Check out the full technical rundown and first impressions of the M450 here, or just grab one at Polar.com. Add a colored cover plate for $14.95.

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