bikerumor pic of the day kal-haven trail covered bridge

Photo submitted by Mark Roberg, “…my Diamondback Haanjo Trail bike by the covered bridge on the Kal-Haven trail that connects Kalamazoo, Michigan, to South Haven, Michigan. This bridge is near the South Haven end of the trail.”

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  1. Great shot!

    I live in NJ, but on July 3rd this year I rode from Richland, MI down the KVRT to the Kal Haven and all of the way to Lake Michigan.

    56 miles in total, all but ~1.5 miles on secluded trail work. A great experience.

    We have a few covered bridges in my section of NJ so when i saw this I went, “I know this bridge, which state is it in again?”


    That Haanjo would be perfect for that trail. I did it on my 93 Rockhopper shod with gravel-tires. More than a few of the guys i was with did it on road bikes with hardier tires.

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