bikerumor pic of the day Aspen grove on the South Boundary Trail
Photo submitted by Geoff “Goof” Hall, “This is where I go to put the universe back in order. This place is a reminder reminder to slow down and take in the beauty around us. This was my first fall ride on the trail and by far the most beautiful ride yet!”

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  1. Being under a canopy of Aspens in fall is one of the best experience a person can have outdoors. The lighting is something you can’t replicate in any other circumstance, and the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves is so relaxing. Great pic!

  2. Full compliments on this shot – its great.
    As an Aussie I always love shots of birch and aspen, possibly because of the colour and geometry – our gums trees are non-deciduous and all bent in shape.

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