bikerumor pic of the day york maine lighthouse ride

Photo submitted by Chad Gregory, “We took advantage of the early spring here in Maine and went for ride on Sunday. This is the Nubble Lighthouse in York Maine.”

Monday BONUS – Ride This Pic!

Our friends at Bkool have mapped some routes that include the lighthouse for you to do on your trainer: York Beach Nubble Lighthouse Tour (21mi); Hampton Beach to Nubble Lighthouse 1-way (33mi); Rye, NH, to Nubble Lighthouse and back (59mi). Just download their free cycling simulator software, then use prompts to adjust your resistance based on the mapped course profile. If you have a smart trainer with ANT+ the resistance will be controlled by the course.


  1. My family and i spent last summer in coastal Maine, it all looked like this. . . It was awesome and bike culture is really embraced there.

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