photo c. Carv

In 1990 Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist, began to create beach roaming machines known as Strandbeests. Since then JP Berti and his team have brought the Strandbeest leg mechanics and the bicycle together to create what seems to be the first walking bike. Step past the break to see it stride in style…

Just like the original Strandbeest there is a crankshaft that effects each one of the four legs in a set order, providing both stability and movement. JP first conceived the idea to create the Walking Bike in 2014. He soon gained Roy Wright as a builder and Blaine Elliott who integrated and tuned the final design. The rear legs were constructed by over 400 metal pieces, and around 314 man hours. The Walking Bike made its debut in 2015 during the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade.

To see more short videos of the walking bike check JP’s page at


  1. Real useful. I’ll take 2 of them please.

    On second thought, shouldn’t the front walk too? Using a wheel up there is kind of a cop-out isn’t it?

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