A few weeks ago, Diamondback broke the internet (or at least disrupted it) with the launch of their new Andean tri bike. Now, they’re using the internet to offer customers a new way to build one. When you’re spending more than a few grand on a new bike, it’s nice to be able to pick and choose your components. In order to make the consumer’s (and the shop’s) buying experience as smooth as possible, Diamondback has introduced a new online bike customization tool.

While the Custom Studio will soon expand to other bikes, for now it is limited to the radical new Andean – which can be customized with different parts, colors, and sizes…


On the customization page, you’ll find a nine step process where you can pick frame color, drivetrain options, front and back wheel options (with limited color options), tires, aerobars, extensions, bar tape, saddles, sizing, and accessories including a custom travel bag and full SRM PC8 power meter. The sizing guide walks you through a fairly comprehensive fit calculator to determine the best size, though if you’re uncomfortable with doing it yourself, your local Diamondback dealer can also use the Custom Studio to order your bike in store.

If you choose all of the base options, custom Andeans go for as little as $3,999.99, though the price ramps up pretty quickly if you start adding disc wheels and SRM units. Limited to the Andean for now, the program will soon include the Serious TT bike, Catch and Release mountain bikes, and the Century and Airen endurance bikes.



  1. Dale C on

    I think that water bottle needs a pointed cap to be more aero. And could they have found bigger brake calipers??

    Otherwise, I think it looks pretty awesome. Kinda like a bike version of the crazy aero suits the super top speed skiiers wear.

  2. King County on

    It looks like DB is reinventing themselves with this bike. Good for them. The article is about the customization, though. Nice idea. The bike already had its debut.


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