The new Fitwell Schratz takes their five sizes and three fits philosophy and marries that with a bike made to fit just about any terrain you throw at it. The result? A bike that works for just about anything and anyone.

Depending on frame size, it’s ready for 27.5″ or 29er wheels with up to 2.0″ mountain bike tires (or 700×35 up to 700×50). The frame comes in three versions, with geometry for racers, enthusiasts and casual riders. Those go from aggressively low position to a very upright one, and it’s actually done with different frames, not just cockpit parts. Throw in suspension corrected geometry for a 100mm fork and this ambitious project might be as close to the elusive one bike quiver we’ve been dreaming of. Oh, and you can grab a frame for as little as $155 during their Kickstarter launch…

Fitwell Schratz monstercross bike

For the low, low price of ~$275 retail (but, seriously, check out the Kickstarter deals…as low as $155 early bird), you’ll get a butted chromoly Schratz frame. Throw in a few more ducats and pick between a rigid steel or carbon fiber fork.


Up your pledge to $850 and you’ll get a complete bike equipped with Shimano Sora 9sp with Tektro Spyre mechanical disc brakes. Or promise $1,700 and you’ll get that bike with a carbon fork and Shimano 105 with hydraulic disc brakes.

The frame uses a standard 68mm threaded BB shell, 44mm headtube and 135mm QR rear end, making it easy to take a lot of your old parts and move them to a new, more capable and fun frame. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign for geometry charts and full specs.


  1. Marc L on

    Four fits times five sizes, each in two colors? That’s forty SKUs for the frame alone- that’s a heck of an initial offering.

    And who doesn’t love seeing a pair of Speedplay Frogs in the wild?

  2. Somedude on


    That’s a great idea and something I’ve wanted to do myself, but alas. I’m only 5’5” with a long legs and a short reach. For me and people like me, that pretty much rules out using drop bars on a common mountain bike frame.

    • Dylan on

      Certainly doable on most older frames, where the reach is designed around using an 80mm or longer stem. Swap to a 40mm stem and your reach on the hoods or drops gets back into pretty normal territory.

  3. Frank on

    Damn, I can put like all of the spare parts in my bin on this frame, and make, like any kind of bike. I’m going for that $155 pledge!

  4. Mr Pink on

    Kinda remimds me more of a fargo with smaller wheels which is pretty cool. Impressive size run. Nice looking bike. And clearance for the junk. Nice.

    Just wish people didn’t call every bike that has drop bars and big tirea monstercross. Drop bar mountain bikes have been around since early 80s. No one called them “monstercross” then. Wish someone would dig up the history and clear this up. Sure someone knows it well somewhere.

    • FitWell Bicycle Co on

      monstercross is kinda the parlance of our times. I like “no road” as a category, but no one would now what that is, yet/ever?. I’m starting to use adventurecross as this bike has a more crossy geometry than a drop mountain bike, though it’s definitely hybridized between the 2. Thoughts?

      • souleur on

        I agree, monstercross gets your attention for a second, then its like gone and makes little sense. i mated up my karate monkey to 29r 2.1 inch wheels and am getting ready for taking it on serious off road/on road stuff.

        Names: good idea to come up with something apt to describe this
        I like the idea of dropping the cross because it just seems to have hung around for some reason
        no road is good, as is allroad/no road, or no limits is as well, no holds bar, outback, bring it, screw it…….all seem good as well


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