Just when you thought SRAM Eagle’s range couldn’t get any wider, along comes Air Corone with a number of Eagle compatible components… including a double chainring set up. Assuming you can figure out a front derailleur to work with the 12 speed chain, Ari is offering both a round and an oval spiderless chainring configuration so you can have all the gears. Mounting directly to the SRAM direct mount cranks, the doubles will be available in 20-42 teeth for round rings and 22 to 42 for the oval rings and will sell for €111-126.

And if you happen to have a BB30 compatible crank that won’t fit in your standard frame, Ari has you covered there, too. Each spindle is custom made for the frame you intend to run, which means a SRAM Eagle fat bike crank should be possible! Ari says each spindle is customized for optimal chainline based on the use, and will sell for €100 with another €5 for the spacer kit.

Have a SRAM Eagle drivetrain and just want a standard (or oval) single ring? Those are available as well…


Above is an Eagle crank mounted with an Ari Monoring as well as their custom aluminum spindle. Round Monorings are available in 0, 3mm, and 6mm offsets with tooth counts from 26-46, while the oval Monorings have the same spec with the exception of starting at 28t instead of 26t. Prices range from €75-90 depending on the model and offset.


If you need other SRAM Eagle parts, Ari is offering a shaped spacer to space out current direct mount chainrings in 1, 1.5, or 2mm increments to improve chainline. Chainring bolts and BCD76 XX1 compatible spiders are available as well.


  1. Ryan on

    I’m pretty skeptical about a 2×12 setup. SRAM has put a lot of engineering into creating a system to work together, pivoting around a pretty large assumption that it’s 1x. The chain was re-designed for it. The jockey wheels are narrow-wide. The chainring was re-designed to allow the span and still hold the chain, the derailleur was designed for a specific cassette, chain, and range… The fact that the website looks like it was made by a kindergartener, and “Cranksets” is spelled “kranksets” on the home page is just the icing on the red-flag that, no, there’s little to no chance these actually work well enough to put on your shiny new 1500 dollar groupset.

    • Gorilladownhilla on

      Not really wise to consider a product by its (web)packaging. I’ve actually bought from ARI in the past and quality is top notch.

    • Bigred on

      The people at ari actually ride and race their bikes. And they have been around for years. They have been producing extender cogs, oval, narrow-wide etc. before 1up AB and WF even existed. Their graphic and site may look not refined, because they spend their resources in engineering rather than marketing claims and stealth websites. And they are a small project from a big engineering company.

      And they are “inspiration” for many products i.e. Camo etc

      But some people seem to be better off with perfectly written marketing slogans by writers that dont ever ride bikes.

    • Dockboy on

      The narrow wide jockeys make no difference, nor do SRAM’s chainrings. It’s the high offset cage and x horizon that make it dicey.

  2. cameron on

    Just wait until your upper pulley smashes into your cassette every time you use your front der.. though that wont matter much because your $1500 groupset warranty flew out the window way before you broke your r. der.

  3. STS on

    And the Eagle RD does not have the capacity for it, right? It barely manages to keep the chain under tension on the smallest sprocket when the chain length is optimized for the 50T sprocket. Adding a second chain ring means you’ll need a longer cage if you really want to make use of the additional gears. But maybe he just wants to offer a solution for those guys who find after buying it that 1×12 is not for them but want to keep as many of their parts as possible only adding a FD, FD shifter and another RD?

  4. sam on

    How much godd*mn gear range do you need? You’d be going 2.5 mph with that low gear. And what rear derailleur can handle a 60 tooth discrepancy?

  5. Danny Glover on

    The SRAM RD is not designed to handle a double up front. that is a massive change in chain length from the big to small cog with the big and small rings up front.

  6. Dylan on

    I mocked this earlier, but for everyone saying how the RD can’t handle the change in chain length, you do realise that if you pay attention to how you’re shifting (i.e. don’t cross-chain), running two rings actually lets you get away with a _shorter_ chain and rear cage than running stock? And that you get a better chainline to boot? Sure, it means the system is no longer idiot proof, but I don’t think that’s their target market.

    • KingDevin on

      @Dylan- I dare you to setup your full suspension bike that way and ride. Bye bye Rear derailleur or hanger! If its not a full susser then your still a Dead wrong!

  7. Aaron on

    Yeah….. uhh…. X-horizon (e.g. XX1, Eagle, etc) does not work with double chainrings. The parallelogram will contact the cassette. You would need to figure out how to get a GX long cage rear derailleur to work with the 50T, somehow.

  8. Pinko on

    I think the Eagle double is not meant to run with the 50 cog! It is an option for people wanting to go from single to double without having to purchease a new crankset. It does not say anywhere it needs to run with Eagle cassette and deralier-but i am sure somebody can make it work.
    Maybe Ari should be more descriptive when sending new stuff to American press. They need a better understanding of the american average consumer. Which has basic mechanical knowledge and it is used to plug and play. This stuff is for people with very refined taste.


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