Winter might be a bit delayed in many parts of the country, but that just gives us more time to dial in new fat bikes. Bikes like the all new Fatback Corvus. The original Corvus was a long time in development and it helped Fatback make the leap from aluminum to carbon frames. While the original Corvus was no slouch, helping riders to victory in the grueling Iditarod Trail Invitational, Fatback just released the next big revision of their adventure racing fat bike. The new Corvus not only adapts to some current standards with better performance, but it introduces two new sizes that should help the short or tall get dialed in…


While the Corvus is based around their new carbon fiber rigid fork, a big improvement is the move to a suspension corrected front end with a 150mm spaced front hub. This seems to be where the industry has settled for front hub width and the ability to swap out the rigid fork for suspension should make the bike appeal to a wider range of users. The new carbon fork also includes anything mounts to make it easier to carry all your gear the next time you take on the ITI (or just want to carry more gear around your local trails).

corvusgrnrgid2 corvusblkorg2


Now with tire clearance for a full 5.0″ tire, the new frame also ups the stiffness. Geometry has also been improved, but more importantly, there are two new sizes that aren’t included on the chart above. Now there will be a 14″ and 22″ frame to expand the spectrum and get more people comfortably on fat bike. With Fatback owner Grey Matyas calling it, “the finest riding, most stable and sure footed fat bike we have ever produced,” the company is convinced that the frame along with their painstaking part selection will win riders over. Over the years, Fatback has stressed that their location in Alaska gives them the ability to test the best component for every part of the bike, down to how the foam in the saddle reacts to incredibly cold temperatures. Now with 10 years of experience designing fat bikes, Fatback has released three new options this year with the new Corvus, the Rhino FLT, and the Skookum FLT.





  1. Greg on

    Not sure how I feel about everything mounts on a carbon fork. I mean, people usually mount growlers to those things. Think they would hold up under 2 bouncing 8 pound growler? And yes Todd, Looks just like an older 9zero7 whiteout.


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