Don’t let the luscious ginger face coat, “packs”, and well chosen plaid shirt fool you. For the past 10 years, when Thomas Turner shows up at a cyclocross or mountain bike race (XC & Enduro), anywhere in the Southeast, it most often becomes a race for 2nd. If Thomas wasn’t such a friendly and likable guy, most of the folks a step or two down from him would probably wish he would move. That said, Jamis Bikes put together a brilliant video highlighting their factory rider piloting the Jamis Renegade Gravel/Adventure bike and did a darn good job touching on a little bit of the unique culture we get to enjoy down yonder…

There is nothing like spending a day riding bikes, shooting’ shit, and relaxing afterward with man’s best friend a pot belly pig. There is no way to describe the southern culture as you have to experience all the layers that make it what it is. Fresh homegrown food isn’t as good if you don’t share it with someone and it’s a testament to the hospitality here when a 4-way stop takes forever because everyone is waving everyone through. When I travel, it’s things like this I miss most.

I’ve met several elite racers over the years who approach cycling as a job or competition only. Without the competitiveness, there isn’t a lot driving them to ride and once the racing is over, bikes become a past time. Then there are those that just enjoy riding bikes… that happen to be very (very) fast. Thomas Turner, as they say, walks softly but carries a big stick. The video above gives you a peek into the life of the full-time wrench who lives on a farm and has accomplished things like 1st place at the challenging Pisgah Stage Race, 1st El Reto del Quetzal, and 3rd American/11th overall at La Ruta. When not racing, you’ll likely catch him relaxing on the fully packed, “do it all” Jamis Renegade carbon gravel adventure bike we saw at Sea Otter this year.


  1. Mike D on

    Haha, that’s great–I literally came here to talk about this dude being a stand up cyclist and good guy, and there’s already two others who have beat me to it 🙂 Used to see him at all the events when I lived in GA.

  2. jacobfromtheinternet on

    Thomas routinely smashes everybody at The Snake Creek Gap Time Trials, which is an extremely hard, super technical endurance mountain bike TT held in the mountains of north Georgia in the dead of winter. It turns out hundreds of people including some real hitters — Sam Koerber &Jeremiah Bishop have both done it — but Thomas owns the Snake. And is just an incredibly friendly and welcoming guy, too.


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