ByCycling have just announced the release of their iOS app for tracking cycle commuting. Designed to partner with mid- to large-size companies and to incentivize riding to work, the app keeps track of miles ridden, GPS tracks routes, and allows coworkers to view and compete with each other’s totals. Hop past the break for the full details…

Over 2 years in development, the app records rides seamlessly without the need to hit a “start ride” or “record” button. ByCycling International – a Spanish company actually based in the Netherlands – hopes to coordinate with larger companies to stimulate their workers to bike to work by creating both a social and monetary incentive. Based around a 5km per day goal, totals are tracked and showed on a scoreboard-style screen for members of a group to track and compare with one another. The idea being that by riding to work and tracking via the app, an employee will be able to get money added to their paycheck, while at the same time competing with one another, somewhat in a similar fashion to Strava.

With a URL like this, what’s not to love in the neta release of the coworker-employer-coworker platform?!


  1. Greg on

    I would feel more comfortable with my employer seeing only the distance travelled, rather than a map which shows where I live or go for a beer after work. Would also want to turn the app off, call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to be tracked everywhere by my employer!

      • Greg on

        HR know where I live, but maybe some (deleted) policing the app might take advantage of that if I was say a woman. It doesn’t say the data is stripped of its identifying information. Seems too invasive and hard to police if say you ride an electric bike to work. Money corrupts.

  2. joshadp on

    Hi Guys, I’m Jose, Co-founder of ByCycling. Didn’t know this article was written up to now, so first of all I would like to thank and Graham for it.

    To answer some questions: @Greg, like you say, we are only sharing with your employer the distance travelled, so no routes, locations or even times. We knew privacy is a mean issue, and we make sure we have you covered ; )

    Any more questions? please don’t hesitate to ask!



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