There are few rims with the history of the Mavic Open Pro. Since 1986, the eyeletted, aluminum rim has been a favorite of wheel builders and riders alike thanks to its durability and light weight for its time. Since its introduction we’ve seen almost a wholesale change from custom built wheels to pre-built wheel sets, including those from Mavic. However, there are still plenty of high-end wheel builders and shops who prefer to lace their own, which was a big inspiration behind the new Mavic Open Pro.

Building on a number of features that made the Open Pro a stand out in the first place, the new rim is better than ever and includes a number of options to build the perfect wheel…

Factory photos c. Mavic

Most notably, the new Open Pro moves from the traditional double walled box section rim shape to a more modern ISM4D profile. That of course is Mavic’s proprietary machining technique that is said to optimize the rim shape for light weight strength and is the reason for the wavy desgin.

New Open Pros will be available in three versions – disc brake specific without a brake track at all, and two rim brake specific rims with the Exalith treatment or as a standard UB Control rim as well. All three have a wider 19mm internal width with a UST Tubeless certification. In this case, tubeless is achieved with rim tape so that the rims can be easily built with standard spokes and nipples. Sticking with tradition, the rim uses a Soudé Usiné Process  or S.U.P. welded joint and stainless eyelets to achieve a rim weight of 420g. Each rim will be available in 28 and 32h drillings while the rim brake models will gain a 24h option as well.

Detail photos below c. Mavic

While a number of builders at NAHBS like the Stinner above got an early start on wheel builds with the new Open Pro, Mavic says that rim brake options should be available by June, with disc rims following in July.


  1. I’m very excited about this. Looks like great updates to the rim that should make it more competitive in the wheelbuilding game.

  2. Oh snap!

    Just last night was looking up at my last pair of Open Pros hanging on a hook gathering dust and wondering about the future of this trusty rim.

    I am very interested to give this new incarnation a shot. Same rim width as the standard Hed Belgium. Me likey!!

  3. Ok, now we’re finally getting somewhere! Make a disc version with no brake track and I’ll buy a Mavic rim for the first time in 20+ years. Are you listening Chad Moore? 😉

  4. 19mm internal isn’t wide. Not when other manufacturers are making 21, 23 or even 25. With the disc wheel 28/32 hole. c’mon man where is the 24 hole?

    • Why would you want a 21,23 or 25 inner width rim for a 25 or 28mm road tyre? If you are going to use 30mm+ tyres i would get it. But for Road? 18,5-19mm is better fit for purpose.

    • 24 hole on a disc build low profile rim is recipe for “walking out” on your adventure ride. Discs put a lot more torque on the wheel, hence more spokes are usually preferred, especially if the manufacturer wants to avoid a lot of wheel failure discussions on forums… Let’s also remember, this is essentially a high-mileage benchmark training rim that is being updated.

    • Gotta remember why people build Open Pro rims. Durable as possible bombproof wheels. You don’t get that with 24 spoke disc wheels.

  5. Looking great! I’d buy a set if my wife wouldn’t be mad at me for having yet another set of wheels laying around…. 😛

    • I was harassing a Mavic employee about that back in 2011. Honestly, all i really wanted was an Exalith Reflex, for cross and city muck, and this was before everybody started to talk wide road rims.
      Your guess is as good as mine as to whether this’ll end up happening.

  6. I don’t suppose anyone here cares about history, but the Open Pro has not been available since 1986. Its first direct ancestor, the Open 4CD, came out in 1989, and was followed (in parallel) by the Open SUP during the 1990s. The Open Pro itself came somewhat later…

    • Hmm, thanks for the clarification. The press kit we got directly from Mavic says “the Open Pro is born” in 1986, but perhaps they meant its ancestor…

    • When did the Reflex model come onto the scene? 1993, 1994? How does it relate to the Open 4 CD? And why did they ever abandon offering ceramic?

      • The Reflex came after the Open SUP, which had a welded joint; the Open 4CD was pinned. It was a cheaper rim than these, originally for OEMs, with single eyelets not double, so less durable than its predecessors.

        Ceramic coating gives way better wet braking; I still have a pair of MTB rims from 1992 and they’re still good. Flaking might be an issue for seriously abused rims (i.e. DH), but for road or XC use it holds up fine and renders disc brakes irrelevant IMHO.

        • What he said. My mavic Open Pro CD rim brake tracks look like new and I’ve used them for 10+ miles on the road, followed by using them for cross, and now are my commuter wheels. In wet and gritty stuff, the extra texture of the ceramic makes braking a non issue.

  7. This should be the narrowest thing a company makes in 2017. I would have loved the exalith before moving to the desert. I have no time for Mavic freehubs

  8. Those weights are actually really good. Doing a quick look on carbon clincher weights, they are about on par with zipp 202’s, enve’s, and china rims. Of course stiffness will be a bit less with the aluminum rim, but with prices at half that of even the cheapest chinese carbon rim, its something I’d be willing to sacrifice. I have an old pair of Mavic Open Pro CD (ceramic coated brake track) that have approximately 30948309284209843 miles on them and they are still perfect. With black spokes and nipples, those wheels ooze class.

  9. No hope of a new MA 2 is there? Okay, maybe these rims then.

    Are they single or double eyelet? And why not asym for rim brakes? Is the disc version a different cross section- shorter sidewalls- or is the sidewall just not milled? It’s still the same weight.

  10. ” more modern ISM4D profile.” & “wavy design”

    kek, somebody who was paid too little money got the centring of milltool wrong, and the manager suddenly saw the light after firing him?

    Anonizing shortens lifelength of rims, it cannot be too thick.
    The black color have to be thicker to keep it dark and it may shorten the life or rim due to microfractures (= hairline cracks).
    Jobst Brandt wrote a lot, search if you don’t believe me, metallurgy is science.

    I still like my Mavic rims, but as soon my wears down, I’ll try other box-shaped 700c rims who are wider and without buzzwords.

    • Are there wider box section rims? I have the H+Son TB14s and really like them. When I laced them up they were the widest box section I could find. Are there other options I am missing (I have been out of the wheelbuilding game for a couple of years now)?

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