triobike cargo tt concept full carbon fiber racing cargo bicycle

Cargo bikes are usually big and heavy, hence the trend toward making motorized versions of them to assist. Makes sense, with a bike that’s nearing 50lbs (or more) and loads up to 100lbs (or more). But Triobike is taking a different approach: Making the bike lighter, so it’s easier to pedal.

Based on their existing Cargo model, this bakfiet’s style one-off is called the Cargo TT and is handcrafted entirely from carbon fiber. The result is a 5,960g frame (13.14lb) and a complete bike build of just 13.382kg (29.5lb).

triobike cargo tt concept full carbon fiber racing cargo bicycle
Images courtesy Triobike.

From Triobike:

The project started back in 2014, when TRIOBIKE director, Sammy Eisinger and his product engineer Flavio Deslandes met to discuss the possibility to build a cargo bike from scratch that would be lighter than any other cargo bike ever created. With 20 years of experience in bike engineering, Deslandes is an expert. He spent over 650 hours on sculpturing the machine, and the result is astonishing – only 5.960 grams of frame weight.

In Triobike we believe in quality and compromising on components wasn’t an option. Always aiming for the best, we’ve carefully chosen every part of our Cargo TT. Among others, there are: Gears from SRAM Force CX1, Brake Lever from MAGURA RT 8TT, Brake Caliper MAGURA MT8 and Rear wheel Zipp 303 Firecrest Carbon.

The Cargo TT was created out of passion, love, experience and a little crazyness, and thanks to our constant persistence we’re able to launch the first cargo bike fully hand-crafted in carbon fiber.

The bike is on permanent display at their Copenhagen flagship store. They also make cargo trikes (two wheels in front, one in rear) and a taxi bike, plus a not-quite-as-light-as-this alloy Cargo bakfiets bicycle that you can actually buy (and afford).


  1. Nice proof of concept. Now load it with 100lbs and hit a pothole that you can’t see, because of said load, with that rear wheel.

  2. Load it up with some fake bulky, but very light ‘luggage’, get a very strong rider, and enter a local cycling event and watch the faces.

  3. Carbon fiber cargo bike? Cool idea, I bet it is a great application of the material. TT bars, aero wheels, and narrow range one-by drivetrain? What were they thinking? That unfortunately renders it useless as a cargo bike. It works as a museum piece, but little else, sadly. Put some high end XC components and 2x or 3x di2 xtr with some 35mm tires and you have a Saturn rocket

  4. So disappointing. It really needs at least an 808 on the rear and that small front wheel could handle a deeper carbon rim with little crosswind sensitivity. And no mention of tire width – are they at least 28’s? And tubeless? A regular clincher would be a definite issue on this bike.

  5. Really cool. I was waiting for someone to do this, great to see. Carbon cargo bikes are inevitable at the top end of the market. It would have been good to see a practical handlebar on it, maybe an MTB bar with bar ends?

  6. I think this is awesome. The UCI could add special TTs with these wherein a team employee races with a bike like this carrying a box of medication to be delivered to the team at the finish line. Fun and relevant!

  7. I’m awaiting their windtunnel data before I commit to one…regardless this could be a Grand Fondo changer…now I can carry everything I own while I race

  8. Right up my street . This thing is amazing . To make it lighter :

    Clavicula carbon cranks, carbon thru axle, aluminium ceramic rotors, MTB carbon stem/bar combo, carbon saddle/seatpost combo, external cable routing (as it;s lighter than internal), carbon seatclamp, smaller singlespeed Extralite chainring, single speed titanium sprocket, titanium chain and BFO disc brakes would bring the weight further down by nearly 800grams .

  9. Mate of mine does all his IRONMAN races with his disabled son. This would be perfect for him! The bike he currently uses is a modified cargo bike that weighs an absolute ton.

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