For some, there’s a romantic notion associated with throwing off the shackles of corporate America and opening up a B&B, where you can ride all day and relax by the campfire at night. Oh, and host fellow riders to show them around, share local food and enjoy a cold beverage. For Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Get-A-Way founders Kate and Andrew Gates, they started young, well before any corporate career could sideline things, but it’s been a huge learning experience as they’ve grown the venue into the premiere destination for mountain bikers in the southeast. They offer a full service camp, with amazing food, cozy cabins and world class trails outside their door. Hear their story in The Build Cycle Podcast #007!

For photos, links and show notes, check out the full post on The Build Cycle!


  1. Beautiful area, never gotten to stay with them but did an event that started there several years ago. Would love to get to go back and ride for a week or so.

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