become a part time mountain bike tour guide on your local trails
Photo courtesy Sacred Rides.

Ever have a little downtime on your business trip? Or need to escape the family vacation for a half day? Or do you want to test the waters as a mountain bike guide, either to fill in the off hours or turn it into a business?

Sacred Rides’ new Getaways program might be just the ticket. Their new online platform lets you find local riders to take you on a ride, show off their trails and make sure your pedaling time is well spent. It also lets you sign up to become a guide, making a little coin on the side. Think of it as a mashup between AirBNB and Lyft, except on bicycles, and you get the idea.

Sacred Rides is known as one of the best MTB tour guides on the planet, with multi-day excursions around the globe. So, they’re not about to risk their reputation by looping in inexperienced “guides” to run their Getaways. Here’s how it works…

Each Getaways guide is put through an online training course, then an in-person training session, and is set up with the proper tools, equipment, permits and insurance to guide on their local trails. So far, they have 25 folks signed on with 300 more on the waiting list. The official launch is later this spring, but there are a few rides already available for booking starting at $150.

Founder Mike Brcic added “In addition to helping people make a living from their passion, 5% of every booking will go to a community projects fund to fund all kinds of interesting development and conservation projects all over the world.” Sweet.


  1. Thought this might be fun, I could occasionally show someone around the local trails and probably get lunch money out of the deal.

    Oh, $3000 (CAD)/year fee. I’ll pass.

  2. This is illegal on Public lands, and sucks for the outfitters who have permits to work on Public lands. You should retake this article or edit it to include the correct info!
    Scott Escott
    Moab Trail mix

  3. $3000/year for a website and a couple jerseys? This is a bad deal for any aspiring bike guide. You still need permits, insurance, first aid training, local advertising, etc. to make a go of this. After all that, you’re still not in charge of your own brand…

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