We saw Fi’zi:k’s shiny new M3B mountain bike shoes when they were introduced beside some new shorts last fall. The new top-of-the-line off-road shoes get a completely revised single Boa dial layout of the reinforced synthetic Microtex & leather upper for improved fit and durability, plus a full carbon sole. Then, just over the weekend Fizik introduced another new version – the M4B – that takes the best of the new design and fit and pairs it with a different sole to bring the price down a good bit. And while we get behind the idea of ultimate stiffness in a road shoe or for proper XC racing, for the most part recreational mountain bikers could benefit from a tiny bit of flex in their trail shoes, so these new carbon reinforced kicks look like they could be just the ticket to hit your local singletrack…

The new M4B Uomo (that just means they are for men) is an all new mid-level performance design from the Italian saddle and shoe maker that takes the best characteristics of the top M3B and swaps in an injection molded, carbon fiber reinforced sole. That carbon reinforced sole should still be plenty stiff for most trail riding, with the added benefit of enough flex to make them more tolerable on those unavoidable hike-a-bike sections. Aggressive tread lugs should offer solid grip off the bike, and they also get threaded inserts for toe spikes if needed.

The M4B uses a single Boa L6 dial on each shoe. That is the second-tier Boa dial, which still gets left & right specific rotation, but which is limited to fine-tuned tightening and complete release (vs. the top IP1 that lets you fine-tune to tighten or loosen.)

The shoes are light too. At a claimed 335g (for a size 42.5) they actually should be 21g lighter than the more expensive shoe. That is due to the fact that the M4B is entirely made of synthetic Microtex (vs. some leather on the more pricy model.) The upper combines a rubberized coating for durability and water-resistance, plus laser perforations for ventilation/breathability.

The shoes are available now in all black only, with a red lugged sole for $200/200€, direct from Fizik or through regular retail channels.




  1. A shoe that has a bit more flex in the sole should have more knobs as ostensibly the more flexy sole is for those that are going to walk more…no wonder these shoes are light, they have no lugs on the bottom, great for full race, shitty for a fast trail shoe that one may be walking around in waiting for their enduro diddling ride partners. I actually thought it got hot in Italy, real hot so whats with the micro venting! some feet sweat half a pint a day, I know my socks are soaked after a ride and that’s with massively vented shoes. with the lack of vents these are almost winter boots , but of course with these tiny lugs would not want to try a muddy CX race with them…..

  2. Wonder if the heel is still held on by two self tappers like the two pairs I’ve had. Super comfy but possibly the worst wearing shoes I’ve ever owned..

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