Curtis Inglis kept it simple this NAHBS. Each bike in the booth was one he had made for himself this past year, each interesting in its own right. As covered in our Paul Components custom NAHBS preview, Curtis was one of the booths were special anodized bits could be found on the show floor. One of his rides, the blue 27.5+ hardtail, he built for a special pre-NAHBS trip to Moab with long time buddy, Jeremy SyCip, which was still covered in red dust.

This show stopper, however, was understated. A fully rigid 29er+ (partial headtube lugs shown above) with a very three-dimensional fork, classic cruiser lines, and a custom cockpit painted to match.

The show piece was this fully-rigid, Classic-style Retrotec with traditional cruiser curves and clearances to accommodate 29×3.0 tires. Termination points on the segmented crown and seat stays feature precise scallops to match match Breezer-style fork ends and dropouts.


The whole bike was decked out in components anodized Chris King 40th Anniversary olive to match. Paul Component Klampers and the endcaps for the White Industries cranks were sent to Chris King to ensure a perfect match. The bike otherwise had Chris King headset, bottom bracket, and hubs.

This dusty buddy is the Funduro (TM) model Curtis took with him and Jeremy to Moab. While proportionally familiar in this view, the bike is built around Maxxis Chronical 29×3.0 tires (Curtis is kind of a tall guy) and so it was big in person.

You can see the red dust still clinging to the frame and component crevises, along with Curtis’ personal pump and bag, still strapped in.

This bike was dripping in blue ano, from the Chris King bottom bracket to the White Industries tapered headset and crank end caps, and hubs.

Bottom bracket tire clearances facilitated by Paragon Machines Works yoke. Paragon also featured in dropouts.

Retrotec Bikes


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