MET Corso commuter helmet, title shot

If you’re in the market for a commuter helmet or some trailside tools, we’ll be checking out a few new or updated options in this random roundup of cycling goods. First we’ll look at the new Corso helmet from MET, which offers two removable visors so you can switch up your style to suit any occasion.

Next up, while everything that glitters aint gold, this helmet sure is- Thousand has re-released the flashy ‘Stay Gold’ edition of their helmet, which was initially only available to Kickstarter supporters roughly two years ago. Finally, we’ll see how Mineral Design has upgraded the Mini Bar tool and what they’ve added to the Barstow system’s other end cap…

MET Corso

MET Corso with rigid visor MET Corso with baseball cap visor

Recently MET’s latest urban cycling helmet became available to consumers, so the company put together a short video to showcase the new Corso cruising through the streets. This helmet bears a versatile look that would match your suit or sweats equally well, especially if you swap out the removable visors…

One visor is a rigid plastic type, which gives the Corso the contours of a moto helmet with an integrated visor. The other visor is something very unique- It’s basically the visor from a baseball cap, but built to attach to the Corso. This visor gives the helmet a casual ‘cap-under-the-bucket’ look and certainly stands out as a different aesthetic touch.

MET says the Corso provides excellent ventilation, and the vents are logically placed to encourage airflow on the sides and dump heat from the top. The Corso also includes a rear LED light built into the adjuster dial, plus reflective strap anchors and side stickers to keep drivers aware of your presence.

The Corso comes in S/M/L sizes, and a medium weighs in at 305g. Buyers can choose between six colors, and MSRP is approx. $70 USD.

Thousand Stay Gold helmet

Thousand helmets, pop lock

Back in 2015 Bikerumor first checked out Thousand’s vintage-inspired commuter helmets. The brand came out with the intention of creating good looking helmets that people would actually want to wear, but they also introduced a cool concept with their PopLock system.

By removing a magnetically secured cover, riders can open up a large enough hole in the helmet’s shell to fit a u-lock through. This is obviously more secure than locking a helmet through the straps, and Thousand even offers a Bike Theft Guarantee so they’ll replace your lid if anyone manages to defeat your lock (see website for details).

Thousand helmets, Stay Gold colorway

Upon their release Thousand offered a limited edition Stay Gold colorway for Kickstarter supporters, but now they’ve decided to reissue that flashy paint job. If gold is too gaudy for you, you can choose between White, Black or Navy as well. To add further flair, Thousand’s helmets use vegan leather straps with magnetic buckles.

Thousand’s helmets come in S/M/L sizes, and each includes two sets of interior padding to customize the fit. The Stay Gold edition sells for $95 and the other colors go for $85.

Mineral Design Tool Updates

Mineral Design Mini Bar tool

Mineral Design hit Kickstarter with their Mini Bar and Barstow tools early in 2016, and garnered enough support to reach their funding goal and put their ideas into production. The company is pleased to announce their tools are now officially on the market, and they’ve both seen incremental improvements.

To the naked eye, the Mini Bar looks the same as before but it has been upgraded with a new, durable Electroless Nickel finish to resist scratches and corrosion. Otherwise it’s compact, bit carrying T-handle design hasn’t changed. The Mini Bar retails for $34.99.

Mineral Design Barstow tire lever end cap
*Photos courtesy of MET, Thousand and Mineral Design

In addition to the chain tool and quick link holder contained in one bar end cap, the Barstow now carries a tire lever in the opposite bar end. Previously the Barstow came with a regular end cap for the other side but Mineral decided that cap could carry something too, so a sturdy modified Quik Stik tire lever now conveniently comes along for every ride.

The Barstow can be purchased with any combination of regular bar end caps, chain tools or tire lever caps, and retail for $29.99-$54.99 per pair depending on your choices. Color options include red, black or silver.


  1. I’ve got the Mineral design tool and their chain tool. Both are excellent tools to carry and they are super quick to deploy. The price is at the top end for me for a multi tool but they function better than any of the other numerous tools I’ve carried over the years.

  2. I just can’t grasp the concept of the commuter helmet. Why do these exist? Are they way cheaper or something? Are they specifically crappy, poorly ventilated helmets so you don’t look like you’re taking your cycling too seriously?

    • The older Giro Aspect premium commuter helmet has it too. Basically just the brim of a cap attaching to the front inside of the helmet with Velcro – pretty neat.

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