You probably haven’t heard of X-Wind because, like many exhibitors at Taipei Cycle Show, they’re behind the scenes making shoes for others. But like many manufacturers, they have created a brand to showcase their capabilities, and the collection on display was impressive. Shown above is the Neon EVO, which gets a woven fabric upper on top of a well ventilated carbon sole. And this isn’t even the brightest star in their sky…

They also had this white/gray/silver version for those who like to fly under the radar.

We’re digging the extended toe bumper tread, which should help prevent that awkward step we have to do on slick convenience store floors. A mid-sole vent is a rarity, but makes a lot of sense for venting heat.

Their EXXEL model gets a ton of venting on the upper and an offset opening that looks like it would better spread out the pressure from the Atop dials across the top of the foot…all the way down to the toes.

This model used a reflective matte gray on the outer face, and shiny black on the inside face…which was also very well vented.

They also had a reflective camo version…

…and these digital camo patterns. Check out their website for more.

Shimano had a couple of uncharacteristically bright colors on hand, too.

Cigna’s road cycling helmet put the lights inside the shell, and they changed colors to mesmerize alert drivers to your presence. This is meant more as a technology and capability showcase rather than something you’ll be able to purchase.

iXS showed off new versions of their base layer body armor, now available in standard short sleeve and one with 3/4 length sleeves and integrated elbow pads.

They’re also expanding their clothing line into kid sized mountain bike baggies and jerseys.


  1. Andy on

    I’m not a fan of of the color patterns of the knit shoes but I do find them intriguing. The most comfortable running shoes I now use have a knit upper. It’s time for that technology to make its way to widespread use in cycling.

    • Jonas on

      I love knit shoes for running or casual, but I think for cycling it would be very bad, because you are moving around in the shoe when pulling.

  2. Tom on

    I like a loud pattern that challenges the aesthetic of loud patterns that have been de rigueur of the “hey look at me, i’m one of the cool kids” roadie crowd over the past couple of years. (Un)-uniquely conservative has been such a dull trend.

  3. xc-fr on

    boa boa boa, please get rid of this fast, but fragile close mechanism, it’s simply too weak for serious used bike shoes.


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