Thule showed off the new Pro Ride roof top tray carrier, which launched in Europe recently and is now making its way to the States. For back of car, there’s the new Double Track Pro, which features a simple frame clamp and clever fold-down design. Both models fit anything from skinny road tires to monstrous 5″ fat bike tires, and all are compatible with their keyed locking inserts.


  1. I used to love Thule. I think I’ve had 3 of their roof systems and 2 behind the car systems. Now I run 1UP USA and would never consider going back. I was intrigued by this post and hoped I would see something that looked good. All of the plastic completely freaks me out– and it looks cheap too. 1UP is beefy and will last forever. I still have Thule aero rails on the top of my pilot, but their is a 1UP tray on top of the rails and 2 trays on the hitch behind my pilot. Definitely check out 1UP. Oh, and no, I do not work for them.

  2. What makes this rack attractive for me is that it fits everything from a road bike to a fat bike. Not crazy about the frame clamps, but I don’t know of any other rack that has this range.

    • 1Up USA fits anything, including kids bikes without ever touching the frame or the rim. It’s a great design. The only thing it touches is your tires.

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