Forget big, fancy, expensive GPS cycling computers. If your goal is to simply track your ride and see most of the important numbers, the new Bryton Rider 10 is for you.

For $60, you get a GPS cycling computer that tracks 28 functions, including incline, with the exception of power. It’s compatible with Bluetooth sensors, and also uses Bluetooth for smartphone pairing to upload your route and ride data afterward. From within their app, you can see the info, or just set it to auto sync with Strava. It’ll be available early May in white or black. If you need to see power data, or want to add route guidance, their other computers do it while remaining very affordable…

Upgrade to the 330 ($130) or 530 ($180) and you’ll get basic route guidance (tells you to turn left or right, but not with real time mapping), and you can create a route directly within the App using a Google Maps based system of starting point and destination input. If you want to see power output without the route guidance, there’s the 310 for $99. All three of these add ANT+ capability.

Also have new magnetless speed and cadence sensors, goes on the hub and does ANT+ and BTLE. The Cadence sensor mounts to the crank. Both simply strap onto the crank arm or front hub in seconds, letting you easily move the entire system from bike to bike. If using indoors on the trainer you can put it on the rear. $30 $39.95 each, or $50 $69.95 for the pair, or an additional $40 if purchased with a computer.


    • The 310, 330,and 530 do not support live segments currently. I was told a firmware update for this may be released in the future.

  1. Nice alternative sensors to the Wahoo ones… although I wonder if they licensed them (if so, at least they’re not blue!)

  2. Bought the 310 a while back as an alternative to the garmin 500 series. It synced to my power meter fine, and logged rides. That’s about all that I have to say positive about it. Thing randomly powers off, takes eons to get satellite signal, and crashes when trying to save a ride over about 3 hours. I hate having to buy a new garmin head unit every 2 years, but this is not the alternative I wanted it to be.

  3. I’ve had so many bad experiences with Bryton products and their customer service that I’ll never, ever consider their products again.

  4. I’m on my 2nd Bryon and loved them both. I bought the 530 to get turn by turn functionality. Yea, their website sucks, and I’m using Ride w GPS instead. the head unit itself is great, and half the price of Garmin.

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