Barring the new inverted gravel suspension fork and the budget, fully rebuildable dropper seatpost we saw at Taipei, X-Fusion’s line carries over with little changes to the internal tech for 2017. But, they are getting upgraded externals in the form of wider axle spacing and tire clearance. Appearances wise, all 2018 forks will come with black stanchions and either matte black or matte white finishes on the lowers.

The Sweep gets a new 27.5 Boost version, giving it a more competive appearance than the full “plus” capable McQueen, yet it’ll still fit a 2.8″ tire.


Get it with Roughcut HLR, Roughcut RCP (both have variable low speed, RCP has three position hi-speed), and RL2 (on/off lockout).

Price is $749, weight is around 4.2lb, available early fall 2017.

Just for fun, they had this e-MTB firefighter bike, complete with supply bag on the fork, chainsaw on the rear, and miscellaneous digging and other tools strapped to the frame.

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