So you want to run carbon wheels but you’re concerned about the durability? That exact concern is what sparked a years long research project between Reynolds Cycling and Bernard Kerr – only on a level most of us will never achieve. Whether he’s hooning for the camera, sending massive jumps in a winning Hardline run, or racing World Cup level DH runs, Bernard Kerr certainly puts his wheels to the test. That testing actually began with the Blacklabel Enduro 27.5 which Kerr raced on the World Cup circuit. They say it was an improvement, but it still needed better impact strength to be rated for true DH use.

That’s where new materials and a new curing process stepped in to create one of the most durable carbon rims ever built…

According to Reynolds, the turning point was when an aerospace vendor came to them with a new laminate design and a resin system that was far stronger. The catch was figuring out the curing process. Again, Reynolds claims just figuring out the curing process alone took over a year, but the results speak for themselves. Claiming to maintain the same ride quality of the Enduro rim with more vibration deadening than a typical DH rim, the BK rim boasts 40% better impact strength over the Enduro rim.

To translate that from marketing speak, the wheels above are Bernard’s actual wheels which have over 200 runs on them including three races. For pro DH riders who go through wheels on a regular basis, this is pretty impressive. Especially considering they’re still straight, round, and with the exception of a few scrapes, mostly unscathed.

Now those same wheels are available to the public, but only in extremely limited numbers. Sold in just 10 sets, the wheels include the carbon rims with team graphics – though an extra set of black decals are included in the box. Built to Industry Nine hubs with a 20 x 110mm front and 12 x 157 Super Boost rear (same as 157 spacing, just with improved flange geometry for a stronger wheel), the wheels are only available in 27.5″. Each limited edition set will include a jersey, a signed poster, and the spare set of decals for $2700.


  1. Super limited edition? I’m waiting till the ultra super duper delux limited edition to come out before plunking down my money…

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