Just a few months ago, Rolf Prima was showing off their newest carbon wheel – the Hyalite. Created for adventure bikes, the carbon rims look like a great option for Road Plus. The newest Hyalite is also great for plus, just mountain plus. It’s kind of crazy that we have two different wheels, both for 27.5″ tires that are considered “plus” sizes, but here we are. Obviously, the Hyalite Explorer is for full size mountain plus size tires with a wider inner width that should be a perfect fit for 27.5 x 2.8-3.0″ tires…

Using a carbon rim with a 45mm external width and 40mm internal width, the Hyalite Explorer is a hookless clincher rim that comes pre-taped for tubeless ready operation. Meant for the number of adventure bikes, plus bikes, and mountain bikes wanting wider rims, the wheels come in at 1670g for the wheelset, and include Boost spacing though there are other options as well. Available now, the wheels will sell for $1899.

Rolf Prima was also showing off a new prototype mountain bike wheelset, now in carbon. The Rage is intended for all mountain use with a 1560g claimed weight for a set of 27.5″ wheels. Measuring 33.5mm external, and 28mm internal, the wheels will use Rolf’s U.S. hubs with titanium freehub bodies and will sell for $2300 on July 1st.



  1. I don’t understand how companies can still think that paired spokes are a good idea. Even Bontrager moved away from it finally, and for the better. Every Rolf, Xero, or old Bontrager wheel I see come through the shop has at least one crack in the rim at the spoke hole. With paired it’s just an inevitability.

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