Normally, something like the move from overseas to U.S. made hubs would equal an increase in price. That very reason is why the new hubs from RideFast racing are so impressive. It’s not just that they’re made in the U.S., it’s that they’re physically better with improved materials, and enhanced engagement of the freehub. All without any change to the price or the weight.

Check out what makes these hubs tick and how you can get your hands on a set next…

RideFast Racing didn’t say exactly where their hubs would be made, but they did say it was somewhere in California. The straight pull hubs will be available in 24 or 28 hole versions, and will also be available separately from their complete wheels. Equipped with a titanium freehub to prevent cogs from digging in, the hubs have 72 points/5° of engagement through four pawls. Everything is held in place with threaded end caps so you won’t accidentally remove your freehub with the cassette.

When built with RideFast rims, the hubs allow a single straight pull spoke length for the entire wheelset. Stuffed with Enduro bearings, the hubs will fit standard 12/15mm thru axles in Boost spacing, but will also have end caps available for 20mm thru axle fronts. Shipping soon, the hubs have the same weight as their current hubs, and will work out to the same $1400 price for a complete wheelset with the new hubs.

Wheels like the Livewire 29 trail will soon be speced with their new U.S. made hubs, which should make a great all around wheel set. Now with a 30mm internal width, the carbon rims are laced wtih 24 Sapim Dlite spokes to make a 1500g wheelset in 29″ meant for 2.25 – 2.5″ tires. Like all their mountain wheels, the Livewires will sell for $1,399.99 with the new hubs once available.


  1. Great looking hub guys, Titanium freehub is the real deal. These are no knock offs, these are Hadley/CK level kit.

  2. really, everything about that new wheelset sounds perfect, except the 29″ part. Any details on an equivalent 275 set? That’s pretty significant weight savings (claimed in this article) compared to the old/current wheelsets shown on the website, is that attributed to spoke count and/or different rim? Really, these wheels seem perfect in every way for me, with the weight, engagement, titanium, same spoke length, made in USA/CA, not to mention the CA bear in the logo, and the price of course. Just made the top of my list of things I really, really want. Well done!

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