To celebrate his recent birthday, world renowned trials rider David Cachon put together a video with his tips for being a “good” mountain biker, and while it’s a bit lacking in practical techniques, it sure is amazing to watch. David says these are tenets for both on and off the bike – his personal ethos as a mountain biker. Jump past the break to watch David hop, roll, and stunt his way through the TowCar rack factory in Spain…

You may remember David from last fall when he rode the El Caminito del Rey in Andalusia or perhaps because he’s a two time world trials champion. In addition to his recent notoriety as a Hans Rey-esque trials rider-turned-adventure cyclist, David holds a certified Guinness World Record for highest vertical drop on a bike from a height of 4 meters (just over 13′)! For more, check him out at:


    • Mortimer on

      yes, a music free option would be good in this instance with only back ground sounds. Obliviously a guy with skill, and way above anything I can do. But alas absolutely everything here lacks a certain panache.

  1. Dave on

    I’m a trials rider and I’ve never heard of him, video is trying waaay too hard but those bills won’t get paid themselves


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