BBinfinite Ceramitec ceramic bearings for mavic and enve road bike wheels

BBinfinite already makes some of the smoothest bottom brackets on the market thanks to their one-piece shell design that ensures perfect alignment of the bearings. Even so, they offer a Ceramitech ceramic bearing upgrade there, and now they offer it for Mavic and DT Swiss hubs, too. They can’t control the shell they’re going into, but the bearings get a chrome steel races that get special finish polishing before they’re loaded with ABEC-5 level ceramic bearings inside.

BBinfinite Ceramitec ceramic bearings for mavic and enve road bike wheels

Their first bearing sets are available for Mavic and DT Swiss hubs, and they claim they’re good for saving 7-9 watts. That should buy you a few extra seconds. Use their online selector to find the right bearing set for your wheels on their website. For now, your options are DT 240s, and Mavic Ksyrium SR/SL, Cosmic SL, R-Sys and Carbone, . Retail is $275, available now.


  1. The worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. When there is a problem with their product they don’t work with you. You’re stuck with an expensive loss. Buyer beware.

    • Rick, this is Gary with BBInfinite. What product did you purchase? Give me an order number and I’ll look it up. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our high quality, Made in the USA products. I’m keen to get to the bottom of your problem and solve it. Call me if you want. I prefer to speak with people who express dissatisfaction. The number is on our site, or you can email me at We’ll take care of you.

  2. I’ve found them to be very helpful. Product is solid as well. Not my cupatea, but it’s a good product for people that are simply tired of the creaks.

    • Why do you say it’s not a good combo?
      You think there’s no wear in a conventional ball bearing because the balls and races are the same material/hardness? These bearings will just primarily wear the races rather than both the balls and races.

  3. I love geeking out on this stuff, and the evolution of bikes and the products in general that make up our bikes have come so far, that you’re left with minimalistic gains in weight and performance, at a pretty high cost. Nonetheless, I love me some Bikerumor where I get to see this stuff and read a little bit about the companies behind these amazing products.

  4. 7-9 watts? 1-3 is typically the gain from good wheel bearings to the very best. They must be comparing their bearings to triangular bearings.

  5. If they make every size to fit every 240, they’ll have pretty much all hubs covered…

    1526, 6802, 6902, “custom” 6903, 6805, etc…

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