prototype Miranda mountain bike crankset under 430g with chainring

Miranda’s working on something new for Eurobike, and it’s not just a weight weenie XC crankset. This one’s been tested for enduro, and as shown on the scale tips in at just 424g complete. That’s with their titanium spindle, direct-mount 34-tooth chainring and carbon crank arms. This one’s a preproduction version, and they tell us they’re probably going to chisel a few more grams off the chainring for production. We’ll get the full details at the big show, along with more info on their new Chainflow3D tooth profile, which they made a teaser video for…

Available now on 104BCD chainrings, e-bike rings and their convertible XMOD system, Chainflow 3D chain retention is their new system. It’s 12-speed compatible, too. They tested it with Portuguese DH champ pushing it to the limits on his Intense DH bike. Note there’s no chain guide on top or bottom, but the chain sticks to the ring regardless of the terrain or jump size.


  1. fred on

    light weight is great and all, but when you snap your cranks, you might rethink its importance. seriously, this stuff is super light (basically as light as it gets), why on earth would you ride enduro on it?? many examples of broken (DH/FR/bmx) crank arms in the history of dh/fr/enduro/whatev. engineering cannot defy physics. this might be great for weight weenie xc, but enduro? seems like a stretch.

  2. Marin on

    I’d say cranks are the place you don’t want to compromise in terms of reliability, stiffness and general usability.
    I have RF Aeffect SL cranks which are mid level cheap alu cranks and they weigh around 550gr with DM chainring.
    All the far more expensive options like Next SL are just not worth it and don’t fare well with frequent rock strikes.
    They’re marginally lighter but several times more expensive.


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