After starting the trend with orange forks for their pro athletes, Fox has been slowly releasing them to the public. If you want your bike to look just like the Pros’, or just like the orange color, they’ll soon be available in four different Fox 36 builds for a limited time. Available in 27.5″ and 29″ chassis, the forks are limited to certain travel – 170 or 180mm for 27.5″ and 160 or 170mm for 29″. Each fork will be available for the same price as a standard fork at $1,049 and includes their HSC/LSC damper, EVOL Air Spring, and 15 x 110mm spacing.

Available Models:

  • FACTORY 36 FLOAT 27.5 170 HSC/LSC 15QRx110
  • FACTORY 36 FLOAT 27.5 180 HSC/LSC 15QRx110
  • FACTORY 36 FLOAT 29 160 HSC/LSC 15QRx110
  • FACTORY 36 FLOAT 29 170 HSC/LSC 15QRx110


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