KA Engineering is a Ukrainian company specializing in machined titanium and alloy drivetrain parts, and their collection is both expansive and impression. The latest from them are new CINCH compatible, Boost-spaced direct mount 6AL-4V titanium chainrings, which come in 26/28/30/32/34/36 sizes. Each one is machined from solid titanium block, retail is €179. Also available are SRAM (GXP and BB30), Hollowgram, and Specialized options, as well as non-boost CINCH. All of them are also available in oval and alloy variants, too. Look for our review on the ti chainring soon.

Also new is a hard anodizing treatment, available in raw or black, which increases their lifespan and (for the black) improves color retention on the teeth for longer. It’s a €4 upcharge. Note their unique narrow-wide, shark tooth profile, too.

New fat bike chainrings have a different offset to help clear your tires. The titanium one will last a lot longer €130-140, but it’s also available in alloy for about €50.

On virtually every alloy chainring option, there’s a gold anodized selection to match SRAM Eagle. Their chainrings are 10-, 11- and 12-speed compatible.

The Eagle derailleur pulleys use a 12-tooth upper with flat teeth, and a 14-tooth lower wheel with narrow-wide teeth. Also available are standard 12-tooth pairs for non-Eagle SRAM and Shimano rear derailleurs. They’re available with either three or six arms, retail is €60-65 with a lot of anodized color options, or €110 for titanium.



    • I ride their titanium cinch chainring all year long, it is as strong as it is beautiful…. paired with their pulleys also, first aluminium monospoke then titanium 6 spokes, 3500km + so far and nothing to service, nor complain 😉
      I plan to switch to eagle within a month and already ordered their shiny golden pulleys. it clears mud better than sram’s, allowing a better shifting.

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