UK’s Hope Tech has laced up a new disc brake tubeless carbon clincher wheelset that they say is ready to head off road for some proper cyclo-cross racing. The RD40 name gives a hint that they have a road disc origin, but built around a 19mm internal tubeless rim and Hope’s own durable RS4 disc hubs, the new wheels should come into their own for foul weather cross and gravel racing.

Hope RD40 tubeless carbon clincher wheelset

Hope Tech RD40 road disc brake tubeless carbon clincher cyclocross gravel race bike wheelset details

It looks like Hope is still outsourcing the 40mm deep, 26.5mm external/19mm internal width UD carbon rims. But with a move to bringing carbon production back to the UK, that might not be for long. The RD40s are a balance of widths that still fit within the ETRTO standards at 622×19. So Hope isn’t specific on recommended tire sizes, leaving that up to buyers, just saying that they are suited for large volume road tires, and of course wider gravel and cyclocross offerings.

Hope Tech RD40 road disc brake tubeless carbon clincher cyclocross gravel race bike wheelset RS4 hubs

The wheels are laced to durable RS4 hubs with 24 straight pull black Sapim CX-Ray Aero spokes & brass nipples. You can even get them in each of Hope’s standard six anodized colors. The wheels are adaptable between 12mm thru-axles and standard QRs, and include endcaps for both.

Hope Tech RD40 road disc brake tubeless carbon clincher cyclocross gravel race bike wheelset road tire
courtesy Hope


The tubeless carbon clincher wheels are handbuilt at Hope’s Barnoldswick shop. They are available with either 6-bolt or Centerlock rotor interfaces, with either Shimano or Campy bodies. Wheel weights are quoted with the 6-bolt hubs at 617g front & 740g rear – 1357g for the pair. Get them through any of your standard Hope dealers.



    • If they’re intended for cyclocross then 25mm ID would be too wide….. there is always a target audience….maybe gravel riders want to run 38mm tires, but for CX we max out at 33.

      • Only UCI races need to max out at 33. The other 99% of us can ride what we want. I rode 42mm wide (on 23mm internal width rims) Maxxis Ravagers last weekend in a race and they were fantastic. I would never go back to 33.

        • I think the mentality must be different where you are then where I am!
          One of the challenges of CX is that you’re riding narrow tires that are less than ideal for the job at hand. Its the reason we don’t allow MTBs in CX races above our ‘novice’ category. I’ve seen guys run 34s or 35s here, but nothing larger in any category higher than Novice…. it seems that the people really concerned with racing either don’t want the rolling resistance, think of bigger tires as being contrary to the spirit of the sport, or just can’t afford to have so many pairs of tires ( many of us will travel to one or two UCI races a year – Nationals, provincial, etc)

          • In Australia, the races are almost all tyre-size limited to 34mm, so no monster cross here if you are competing. Hence there is a place for these kind of wheels, which you can use with road tyres in the off season. There are no shortage of MTB wheels out there that are wider if that is your thing.

            • Yep. Agreed. Well said. Also, for what it’s worth, WTF would anyone *that* serious about performing in cyclocross be doing with a tubeless anyway?

  1. Those weights do seem too low. Maybe a comparable rim is the BDOP DTO40 which is around 415-420g. Still don’t see the numbers adding up, though.

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