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According to Abbey Bike Tools founder Jason Quade, their new Four Way is 33.333% better than a three way. You can’t argue with that, it’s just science. Or math. Or something…

IB17: Abbey Bike Tools Four Way fixes more than a three way

First shown as an Argonaut tool just before Eurobike, Abbey has been hard at work on their version of the perfect small multi tool. Fitted with four different stainless bits, Jason says that they will be replaceable but not interchangeable. That means that they won’t stick in the bolt and pull out of the tool, but it also means you won’t be able to easily change them out for another bit. Apparently, you’ll have to heat the tool to the point that the adhesive melts to remove the bit and fit it with another.

IB17: Abbey Bike Tools Four Way fixes more than a three way

Weighing in at 47g (on our blue scale that Jason jokingly took offense to), users will be able to choose their own four high quality bits to create their perfect four way. We’re told that the green will be slightly different than the shade above (or you can go for the black Argonaut version), and the estimated price will be $40. Look for these to start shipping November, 1.

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  1. Carlo Dy on

    I own the Argonaut version and I don’t really enjoy using it. It doesn’t have enough leverage on two of the bits to break stubborn bolts. And when you’re using it, you’ve always got a bit sticking into your hand. Maybe I just need to learn a new technique in which to hold it, but I never had a problem with a threeway wrench.

  2. Beat_the_trail on

    +1 and why not make the bits std 1/4″?! Set them in with a strong magnet or add a small grub screw. I find the three-way to be a nearly perfect tool. It fits nicely in your rear pocket, and for the times I’m working the shop floor I can make adjustments to nearly everything on the bike.

  3. Chase on

    My Fix it Sticks are cheap and function almost exactly the same and have a mount to fit under my bottle mount. I dig Abbey stuff (who doesn’t) but I’m not feeling the 4 way.

  4. suede on

    More expensive and substantially less useful than Fix-it sticks. If you wanted to expand and/or improve an existing product, re-make the old park 3 way that had a 1/4″ socket holder on one side. Add your own 1/4″ bit adapter and you could use practically any bit or socket.

  5. Eagle Jackson on

    I love Abbey Tools but I wouldn’t give up my Fix-It Sticks for this one. For shop use I like the T-Way Wrench. It has replaceable bits secured by magnet. I don’t see a good reason the Abbey Tool shouldn’t have replaceable bits. Sorry, Abbey, this one misses the mark.

  6. hellbelly on

    There are a zillion clever tools for on the go. I don’t think I’d see this one replacing anything for shop use, but it might be similar to a Fix-it-stix in it’s range. That said, one of the more impressive tool gadgets I’ve come across is the All-In I thought this thing seemed kinda dumb when I first heard about it. However, it is very useful, with great ergonomics, plenty of leverage, great accessibility and always there when you need it . If it had a chain tool, it would be hard to beat.


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