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It’s one thing to rework a road bike to fit disc brake rotors…what makes the 2018 Basso Diamante SV Disc really interesting are the other design features. But first, the brakes. They’re using thru axles and internally routed hoses front and rear, leading to flat mounts positioned for a minimum 160mm rotor.

2018 Basso Diamante SV Disc adds better brakes to their aero road bike

2018 Basso Diamante SV Disc adds better brakes to their aero road bike

You’ve got your choice of Campagnolo Super Record (regular or EPS) and Chorus, or Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultregra (regular or Di2), all as complete groups with their respective hydraulic disc brakes. Max recommended tire size is 700×28.

2018 Basso Diamante SV Disc adds better brakes to their aero road bike

The flagship frame is a blend of 1K, 3K and UD fibers shaped into modified/truncated NACA and other aero shapes, depending on placement. All cables and wires run internally. Basso’s Comfort Kit uses a series of frame inserts and custom shaped spacers to adjust front stack height without killing aesthetics. The frame insert holds the upper headset bearing, so you retain all of the stiffness while adding up to 15mm additional head tube height. Or set the bearing directly into the frame and you’ll get a slammed stem that actually sits just below the front of the top tube:

Basso Confort Kit headset and headtube spacers let you slam that stem
Basso’s headset spacer system lets you really slam that stem! (photo from Basso’s Facebook page)

2018 Basso Diamante SV Disc adds better brakes to their aero road bike

Another unique touch is their three-point seatpost binding system. Using a rubber collar that sits between the post and the frame, you fix the position with the upper and lower set screws, then tweak the center one to tune it. The idea isn’t so much to create a flex point, more to reduce vibrations.

It’s available in four colors and seven sizes from 45 to 61, with crank arm lengths ranging from 170 to 172.5 and stems from 90mm to 120mm. Available now.

2018 Basso Fast Cross disc brake cyclocross bike carries over from 2017 but gets new colors

Not new, but cool enough for a quick look is their Fast Cross cyclocross bike. Available in two color schemes (both pretty sweet), it’s available in two builds – SRAM 1x or Shimano 105 – and gets smaller 140mm rotors. It has compact race geometry and recommended tire clearance of just 700×35, meaning it’s made for going fast, not casual gravel rides. That said, Basso has this listed as the only bike under their “Cross/Gravel” menu heading, which makes us hopeful they’re working on something gravel specific that uses the comfort and fit features from the Diamante.

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    • I know. I was scrolling and thinking a basso cx or gravel bike would probably be pretty sweet. I get to the bottom and there it is!

    • Agreed. Really nice. The seafoam green borders on celeste. Reminds me of Norco’s Transition cross bike from a few years ago in how they applied the two colors checkerboard-style across the frame and fork.

  1. “seven sizes from 45 to 61, with crank arm lengths ranging from 170 to 172.5”. Well, it is good to see they are specing the bikes with proportionally adjusted parts kits.

  2. “…minimum 160mm rotor”?

    I was told that with flat mounts you could ONLY have the rotor size the mounts are positioned for. Is that incorrect?

    IOW, is it possible to upgrade a flat mount bike that comes with 160mm front rotor to use a 180mm rotor?

    • That’s pretty much right… You can always space out a caliper to fit a bigger rotor (within reason) but there is a minimum diameter determined by the position of the mount itself.

    • most bikes the mounts are set so 140 no adapter but 160 you do, it appears that they set the mounts to suit 160 no adapter so i reckon using the 140 to 160 adapter to go 160 to 180 on these bikes would work , i also do like Campagnolo made a flat mount front disc caliper that requires no adapter! shimano sram you listening

    • For SRAM HRD, you mount the adapter one way for 140 mm rotors, then flip it around to fit 160 mm. Clint Gibbs has a video on this on YouTube, as he had to upgrade to a 160 mm front rotor on his SRAM-equipped TCX.

  3. The cutout at the top of the headtube area of the frame of the blue Diamante SV is different than the other Diamante SV’s. It is angular while the others are curved. Why?

    • It’s the rim brake one, so it is a different frame, but I dunno why they’d use a different shape for all of those parts.

      • It’s the same frame, the black one just has the Basso comfort kit installed. The blue one shows the full race trim that’s as low with your stem as it gets.

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