Regularly riding different types of bikes, I get the sense I could never have too many multi-tools. Or for that matter ways to pack small items onto the bike & into my pockets. Popping into my inbox recently, a few small items stand out. The new Spurcycle Multi Pouch, JET’s MTB+ rolls, and the Kikkerland Bird Bike Multi Tool – each aims to keep me prepared out on the ride.

Spurcycle Multi Pouch jersey pocket bag

The simple US-made Multi Pouch is a lightweight, durable & weather-resistant envelope for carrying & organizing those things that get stuffed in a jersey pocket (or into a hydration pack). Made from laminated waterproof, transparent cuben fiber sail cloth (the same base as the Dyneema we keep seeing) with a waterproof zipper, the 11.5 x 19cm (4.5 x 7.5″) pouch weighs just 14g. (It doesn’t get taped seams, so is just water-resistant.)

The $29 Multi Pouch gets four snaps on the back that let you fold & secure it in half in either orientation to make a pouch to carry long items like a compact mini-pump/CO2 cartridge/tire levers or wider wallet/cash/cards/keys. Or just keep it unfolded to protect your smartphone and other larger essentials.

JET Roll MTB+ saddle bag tool rolls

We just saw a couple of deals on new road JET Rolls made from synthetic leather. But these new MTB+ saddle bag tool rolls can also accommodate tube sizes of 27.5 x 3.0″ and up to 26 x 4.8″ for plus size mountain bikes & fat bikes. With the explosion of Plus-tired bikes, we’ve almost always had to carry a backpack to manage spares. But it’s nice sometime to be able to keep all the gear on the bike.

JET Roll MTB+ Dragon Lady

It’s a little bit a lot of chaos trying to navigate the JET website to find exactly what you are looking for. Their classic 1990’s web design, and less that logical naming conventions make it a treasure hunt. Suffice it to say the plus-sized rolls have MTB+ in their name. There is the multi-color Dragon Lady that sells for $70 and is held in place by a single synthetic toestrap.

JET Roll MTB+ Balls 8

And then there’s the $90 Balls 8 made from a tougher synthetic canvas in black or navy blue. It even gets a real leather double toestrap to secure it in place to your saddle rails.

Both are handmade in the USA from heavy-duty fabrics and feature metal button fasteners to adjust it inside & keep it closed without the strap, plus an internal contrasting pump loop. You’ll find them hiding with other new & limited edition rolls on JET’s Black Project Division page. Btw, the seemingly free-for-all naming is actually inspired by classic military jets. Get it JETs? So, not entirely random.

Kikkerland Bird Bike Multi Tool

OK, this last one is just for fun. Non-bike specific design shop Kikkerland does have a few bike specific products, including the Bird Bike Multi Tool.

The $15 Bird tool combines 2 & 3mm hex feet with 4, 5 & 6mm tail feathers, plus an extendable Phillips screwdriver beak. If you are looking for something a bit more practical, they also do the cheap $9 Wood Fixie that swaps out the Phillips for another 2.5mm hex, with all of the bits getting a convenient ball end for work in tight spaces. Both use stainless steel tool bits, so we can’t really say how durable or precise they will be, though.


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