With the level of riding higher than it’s ever been, it is getting pretty hard to stand out in the crowd. That is of course, unless you get super creative like the latest edit from Matt Jones. Filmed at a purpose built trail at Rushmere County Park, the video includes not one, but a number of claimed world-first tricks like the “Bum Slide, 270 Rim Bonk, Hitching Post Flip to Feet, Decade Tsunami, Superman Backflip to tuck no-hander.” Combine that with some intricate editing with rotoscoping, a full loop, and great music, and you have an instant classic.


  1. As impressive as the riding is, I’m equally impressed with the trail. Any experienced trail builders out there who can comment on it? How many person hours would it have taken to put a trail like that together? Could you do it by hand? Or does something like this require machines?

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