Looking for a little weekend motivation to ride off all that turkey and stuffing? Pivot Reynolds Enduro Team mountain bike riders Brice Shirbach, Mason Bond, Antoine Caron, and Adam Snyder take us along for the ride on some of their favorite hometown trails. Here’s the video, followed by the words about it from Pivot…

:Day Trip w/ Pivot Reynolds Enduro: Traveling around the world is one of the greatest pursuits mountain biking can afford. Many riders often crunch numbers in order to make the most of their limited free time, utilizing the precious vacation days for a trip in some far off land, where the loam can smack you in the back of the helmet after every turn, and the rock slabs cascade endlessly down the fall line. As great as epic mountain bike trips are, the truth is that most of us don’t have entire summers, or winters, available to hop on over to New Zealand, or Whistler, or any other number of fantastical locales, which means that we often seek out two-wheeled glory much closer to home, which is exactly what the Pivot-Reynolds Enduro boys want to celebrate.

“Whether it’s the rugged, rocky, and raw singletrack of the Poconos in Pennsylvania, or the legendarily monstrous World Cup track in Mont Saint Anne, Quebec, or the dusty and loose alpine exposure of Durango, Colorado, or one of the most heralded stash of backyard trails in Northern California, Brice, Antoine, Adam, and Mason have plenty to be grateful for when it comes to getting rowdy close to home, proving that “epic” is never more than just a Day Trip away.”


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