Almost everyone has accepted that sitting at a desk all day isn’t great for your health. And standing desks have become a real option for some people who are able to adapt. But its pretty cold outside right now, so why not go one step further and turn that standing desk into a pedaling desk. That’s what FlexiSpot was thinking for their Deskcise Pro which won am innovation award earlier this year at CES in Vegas.

Deskcise Pro combined exercise bike & standing desk

We’ve seen our share of odd pedal-powered contraptions, and even a previous desk that allowed you to generate electricity. (Plus your kid’s plastic turbo trainer!) But the Deskcise Pro exercise bike/desk is more about keeping you active & blood flowing as you work. Of course not all tasks are conductive to pedaling. So the desk morphs a bit to be used more like a modern standing desk.

FlexiSpot already makes a wide range of standing desk setups, and a couple of contraptions to stick under your regular desk to keep your feet moving. But the Deskcise Pro desk bike is a big step for them as an all-in-one solution. At $500, it’s not cheap but does claim plenty of features. And after going through a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, is now available.

Tech details

The Deskcise has an adjustable seatpost that should work for anyone from 5’1″-6’2″ (155-190cm). And the working desktop is adjustable as well. The 19.6″ x 22.8″ (50 x 58cm) work surface moves up & down, forward & back to get it into the perfect position whether standing of pedaling. It also features a small LCD screen to give basic ride stats, like: distance, speed, time & est. calories burned.

The 8-level magnetic resistance unit claims to be “whisper-quiet” so you won’t disturb your co-workers. It moves on 4 caters that make it simple to push around the office, but that automatically lock in place when you sit to work/ride.

I’m not so sure how much I could get done on its limited work surface. Or whether it would be stable enough to comfortably type and move a mouse. But to be honest even though intended for “low-impact cycling”, I’m a little curious. Daylight hours are short in the northern hemisphere this time of year, and it wouldn’t hurt to build up my base, while still getting some work done.

The question now is how am I going to connect to Strava or Zwift?


  1. 1.Seat is too low…
    2.Looks about as stable as Lindsay Lohan in a liquor store…
    3.Is that Stiffler?
    4.What length cranks are those?
    5.Can I put eggbeaters on it?

  2. I’ve lost faith in humanity. How on earth did this get crowd funded and for 500 bucks? I thought mankind hit a new low when it snowed a millimeter and people in my city were too scared to drive.

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