Ass Savers introduced us to their limited edition art series Kollection earlier this summer. Now they are back with the next special series and a collaboration with Valencia-based illustrator Enisaurus to add color to three different versions of their big clip on fender and a matching bandana.

Ass Saver Big x Enisaurus – limited edition Kollection #2

After the Mander collaboration, Ass Savers continues to highlight the work of unique graphic artists through their Kollection series. Ass Savers sees it as a way to affordably add a bit of style to their otherwise simple clip on plastic fenders. It also gives different young artists a chance to bring their own perspective to the small riding accessory and get their name out to a wider audience.

photos courtesy of Ass Savers & Twotone Amsterdam

Enisaurus’ illustrations are described as “a tasty soup of pop culture, reconstructed patchworks and a vivid palette of colours, stirred with a graphic designer spoon”. Talking about working together with the Spanish designer, co-founder of Ass Savers Staffan Widell said, “it became clear that we… shared a passion for space, astrophysics and stories about evil red mutant blobs.” What more could you want?

The fun, comics style drawings of Enisaurus tell a story, and rendered in blue & red on the standard black fenders. Three different designs are available, each for 11€, just 1€ more than the standard wider Ass Saver Big. That one is meant for 30-50mm wide tires, but is the one we at Bikerumor would use for just about any riding for the extra coverage.

Besides the fenders, there is again a separate synthetic bandana that gets a matching Enisaurus print for 18€. Or for 45€ you can get one of 200 numbered Kollector’s boxes available that includes all three fenders & the bandana as a limited boxed set.

Check out more of the collaboration in an interview story between Enisaurus & Ass Savers at:

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