Unless you’ve got a 50+ pound DH bike sitting around, there may be no quicker way to hang your bike from the wall than the Gladiator Bike GearTrack mount. Using a push to close/push to open claw system, it grabs your bike’s wheel in one fluid motion, then releases it just as smoothly.

Gladiator GarageWorks Bike GearTrack quick release wall mount bike storage

To hang the bike, just push the wheel into the claw to depress the button. As you release, the hooks close in and hold the wheel. Push it upward to hit the button again and they open, releasing your bike.

The modular system comes with another standard hanging hook for mounting another bike to it, along with two hooks for helmets, shoes or whatever. The track is 48″ long and accepts other mounts and attachments in the Gladiator GarageWorks line. Each wall track supports up to 75lbs, and the bike claw itself is rated to 50lbs and tires up to 2.4″ wide. Just find the studs in your wall and use the included hardware to mount it in minutes.

Gladiator GarageWorks Bike GearTrack quick release wall mount bike storage

The bike hook holds up to a 1.7″ tire and is rated for 30lbs, so best for road, cyclocross and gravel bikes. Retail for the system as shown here is $49.99, and additional bike wheel claws are about $25 each.




  1. Crash Bandicoot on

    It would be really cool if they made that hook Rubbermaid Fasttrack Compatible since we’re already invested in the system and this would only be helpful for a few of our daily use bikes.


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