The crew from State Bicycle Co have just released their third episode of “Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros”, a series that drags interesting cycling personalities up hills on fixed gear bikes. This episode has the dynamic duo of Floyd Landis and Dave Zabriskie taking CBD handups, discussing superhero suits and potentially changing the name of the series to “Walking Up Mountains, With Pros.”

state bicycle co rides fixies with floyd landis and dave zabriskie to discuss doping cbd oil and other pro cycling tricks

For the accompanying blog post and all the photos, click here.


    • If he hadn’t participated in that creepy phone call to Greg LeMond I could share your sentiment.
      However, because of it he irks me to no end.

    • Fleecing honest people out of thousands of dollars for the “Floyd fairness fund” is a bridge too far. If he leaves the whistle blower case and still returns the money he stole, he could then be redeemed.

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