Back in 2016 Crank Brothers introduced a new set of combination clipless/flat pedals called the Double Shot. With just one side to clip-in, the hybrid pedals promise more secure riding on the platform-only side. Now a new entry-level version brings both price & weight down with an all composite body.

Crankbrothers Double Shot 1 hybrid clipless/flat pedals

The new Double Shot 1 makes it cheaper to ride platforms or clipped-in on the same hybrid two-sided pedals. One side for flats. One side for clipless. With a lightweight, fully composite pedal body, the Double Shot 1s actually drop more than 60g relative to either of the more expensive alloy bodied versions. The 331g pedal pair retail for just $60 in either red, black, or blue.

Tech details

The Double Shot 2 pedals mold-in traction ribs & small diamond plate tread areas over the axles on both sides. They feature a large platform on the flat side with molded in composite traction pins, and a wide open shape that keeps the clipless wings away from your flat pedal shoes. On the other side, a reduced body profile gives ample shoe support and a single pair of stamped steel wings to clip into.

The pedals feature a long spindle for a 57mm Q-factor to work well with wide platform shoes. They spin on a combination of Crankbrothers’ Igus LL-glide ‘bearing’ on the inside (a composite bushing) and a small Enduro cartridge bearing on the outer edge. With their new double seal setup, Crankbrothers says this system performs better & lasts longer than all bearing solutions in wet & dirty real world riding conditions. Crankbrothers guarantees the chromoly steel spindled pedals for five years. They also include a set of their classic 15°/20° release brass cleats.

Aluminum bodied Double Shot 3 & 2

The premium 403g Double Shot 3 with cast alloy body, replaceable traction pins & the same bearing setup is still available for $125. As is the 395g Double Shot 2 with cast alloy body & pins for $90.


  1. They should put those spring protectors on their normal 2-sided clips to fix the 2 things I don’t like about their pedals: spring position is always in a different spot every time you clip in, and they break when you hit a rock.

  2. Any one actually using these care to comment? I am currently in the “one-bike-to-do-it-all” phase of life and would love these to roll around the neighborhood with the kids in my sneakers. Then throw on my riding shoes and go bikepacking. Anyone with experience care to share your thoughts?

    • I’ve been riding them for over a year. I have the 3 (adjustable pins, highly textured paint) and I think they’re great for commuting use. Very comfortable with sneakers or bike shoes. If you want one pedal for street and bike shoes, I’d pick this over the Mallet because with the Mallet sneakers will still “roll” back and forth on the springs. With these, you have a dedicated flat surface.

      That said, these are my dedicated commuter pedals. Others are lighter, offer better clearance, or other benefits. But I love them for commuting

    • I have both the original version of this pedal and the 3. The original version, which is pretty similar to this except for an aluminum body, lives on a rigid steel singlespeed that sees a lot of trail duty, but is also my hop-on-and-go-to-the-ballpark-with-my-kid bike (or store. or pub). The 3 has been on my trailbike – can’t quite decide if I like it there or if I should go to the Mallet. It’s a bit fiddly since you only clip in one side.

  3. My son has been using the Doubleshot 2 for High School racing and they’ve been pretty good. It’s been nice for him as a novice to have the non-clip side when things get really technical or crowded. The nubs wear out quickly. Been thinking of tapping some threaded holes and adding pins to make it more like version 3.

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