The 2018 USA Cyclocross National Championships are underway now. Elite races are over the weekend, so we’re taking a look at the bikes and setup of the current champs. Here’s the red, white & blue Cannondale SuperX of champ Stephen Hyde…

Cannondale SuperX of current US Champ Stephen Hyde

We caught Stephen Hyde’s SuperX last year at icy Nats too. Like Compton’s Trek, Hyde’s SuperX hasn’t changed much in the last year.

Fully overhauled for the 2017 model year, Hyde has been racing a mostly stock SuperX since the start of the 2016/17 season. Of course for his first year in the stars & stripes, his carbon cross bike gets the full treatment to match his skinsuit.

Bike setup & tech

Drivetrain is a standard SRAM Force1 1×11 fare, but Hyde slides in a 170mm Red carbon crankset to shed a few grams from his single ring setup.

Wheels are disc brake Zipp 303 tubulars, wrapped in Challenge Team Edition cotton tires. These Limuses were the go to for super heavy mud. Like many SRAM sponsored athletes, Hyde still slips in a bit of Shimano, by way of XTR pedals, since the SRAM family doesn’t have an alternative.

Finishing details

Pretty much the same technical setup that he won nationals on last year, his champions edition bikes get a simple toptube name decal, and a more permanent painted on Hyde behind the headtube.

Hyde’s cockpit sticks with a 120mm Zipp alloy Service Course SL stem & 42cm alloy bar, with levers set up rather high. The bars get wrapped in the corresponding grippy Zipp SC tape. He does get his own customized red, white & blue saddle from Fabric, on top of the Cannondale SAVE seatpost.


  1. It’s a shame about the offset drivetrain / non-standard rear wheel dishing that Cannondale is hoisting upon unsuspecting consumers. Even Specialized has ditched their SCS.

    • I know right, c’dale is even forcing its consumers to buy it against their will!

      Spesh made a business decision to remove SCS. C’dale has also made one. Maybe it’s current market doesn’t care. If it that changes I’m sure c’dale will change too

  2. Surely you can’t be serious about him choosing 170 cranks to save grams. This would obviously have to do with fit or simple personal preference. Where do you get these ideas?

  3. No professional mechanic would have a problem re-dishing a wheel. Of all the compatibility issues we see on bikes today, having to deal with a re-dish is WAYYYYY down the list of PITA ideas that frame manufacturers come up with.

    • Redishing a wheel built with the proper length spokes will more often than not leave you with nipples bottoming out on one side and threads showing on the other. Ai offset is pretty extreme, thanks to another annoying feature from Cannondale: BB30A.

    • and I haven’t found a wheel that needs new spokes for this re-dish. I am sure they are out there, but they have not been in the dozen or so wheels, I’ve re-dished to fit on C-dale bikes.

  4. The offset drivetrain allows for shorter chainstays that will allow you to climb steep stuff better. Basically, it is Cannondale’s version of a boost drivetrain. Zip, and most other popular ‘cross wheels can be easily re-dished.

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