Western Ukrainian (by way of New Jersey) builder Vlad Dolinsky has gained attention for his curvy frame designs as well as his complex and visually engaging custom racks. This year, Vlad is showing off a new fat bike, a “road plus” bike, and a 27.5 plus trail bike he’s made for himself. If his evolution so far is any indicator of where he is going, we look forward to seeing how his curves have evolved and fun details he might have up his sleeve for this North American Handmade Bike Show.

BIKERUMOR: What are you bringing to NAHBS this year that you’re excited about?

VLAD: I am excited to bring few bikes, including a fat bike designed to run with 26 x 3.8 or 29 x 3.0 wheels. In addition, we are bringing a Road Plus bike that will be featuring MRP’s new Baxter gravel/adventure suspension fork.

BIKERUMOR: What are your current challenges in adopting and implementing new standards?

VLAD: It takes some time to implement a new standard. Building or buying new tools that work around a new standard, and once you’re ready… there is a new upcoming standard that you need to think about.

BIKERUMOR: What new or upcoming standards are you excited about?

VLAD: Introduction of suspension forks to road/gravel cycling.

BIKERUMOR: What type of bike have your customers requested most in the past 12 months?

VLAD: Primarily it’s been mountain 27.5+ bikes as well as road/gravel bikes.

BIKERUMOR: What is the next bike you’re building for yourself?

VLAD: Trail 27.5+ bike. It will be shown at NAHBS as well.

BIKERUMOR: …and if someone else were building your next bike for you, which builder (of all time) would you choose and why? What would it be?

VLAD: Vicious Cycles. Carl taught me how to build bikes, and I’ve seen him building high quality bikes. It would be an all-road bike.

BIKERUMOR: What is your “blank check” bike?

VLAD: It’s the bike that I would be able to ride on the pavement, gravel and trail. Basically, an all road bike.

BIKERUMOR: If you could exist in another period of framebuilding, what would it be and why?

VLAD: Future. I am excited about innovation and new opportunities it brings to cycling and frame building.

BIKERUMOR: If you had to stop building in your current material, what new material would you choose and why?

VLAD: I build steel bikes. My second material will be titanium because it has similar properties, translating in similar riding qualities.

BIKERUMOR: If your shop was burning down, what one or two tools would you grab to save? Why would you save them?

VLAD: My Anvil jig and Bridgeport mill. Well, since I can’t carry the mill, I would just push out the jig.

Vlad Cycles

The North American Handmade Bike Show will take place from February 16th to 18th in Hartford, CT. For more information, visit the NAHBS website.


  1. BMX on

    Oh Vlad that dropper post routing has just done your build a massive disservice. Remove the pointless dropper and stick with a normal post it’ll look a hell of a lot better.


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