Do you have a bicycle that you’d love to add fenders to, but can’t? If so, Axiom might have a solution for you. Their nifty Axle Runner, Disc Runner, and Frame Runner mounts allow riders to add fenders to bicycle frames that don’t have integrated mounts, make it easier to fit fenders over disc brakes, and make it possible to mount front fenders to a thru-axle fork.

Axle Runners

Axiom Axle Runners on fenders

The Axle Runners allow riders to mount fenders on a frame without integrated eyelets. Their bodies measure 38x22mm, and are made from 2mm thick forged aluminum. They are compatible with 9mm quick-release axles and should fit most road, hybrid and MTB frames.

A pair of Axle Runners retails for $27.99 USD, and they come in Red only. Axle Runners are also included with Axiom’s line of Roadrunner fenders, which come in 26”, 29” and 700c wheel sizes.

Disc Runners

Axiom Disc Runner, with fender mounted

If you’re having issues fitting narrow fender stays or carrier racks onto your disc-brake equipped bike, Axiom has you covered with their Disc Runner mounts. These forged aluminum extensions bolt to your frame eyelets, providing about 15mm of extra clearance on each side. While you could probably bend your fender stays around your brake calipers, adding Disc Runners seems like an easier and better looking way to achieve a proper fit. A pair of Disc Runners sells for $27.99, and they come in silver only.

Frame Runners

Axiom Frame Runners on Rainrunner 360 FR fenders

If you don’t even have mounts to work with, you’re still not out of options! Axiom sells a few fender sets which come with their patent-pending Frame Runner mounts. The Frame Runners attach to fork legs for those running thru-axles, or seat stays if your frame lacks mounting eyelets. The mounts are fixed in place with either the supplied o-rings (ideal for on-off use) or more securely using zip ties.

The Frame Runners come on Axiom’s Rainrunner 360 FR-TREKK fenders (for 700c wheels) and the Rainrunner 360 FR-MTB26 (for 26” wheels). MSRP is $59.99 for either size. While nothing’s been promised yet, we have heard Axiom is considering selling Frame Runners separately in the future.


  1. I appreciate someone offering parts to solve some issues, but 35 dollars is about 5 times more than what I would consider a reasonable price. For that money you can buy a rotary multitool with a bunch of attachments and some metal brackets to modify and still have money left over for a cool drink afterwards.

    • Your cheap tool may not last through the effort. Also, you won’t make them look like professionally done in a reasonable amount of time with only a rotary tool. I like making things like this, but it’s not time/financially sensible a lot of the time.

  2. PDW has had the 5mm QR tabs available for ages, for considerably less. That said, the more fender mounting options, the better.

  3. Axel Runners look like you are putting a smooth washer between the teeth on your quick release and the dropouts. Does not seem like a good idea to me, especially if you have disc brakes and dropouts that don’t point forward on the front.

  4. These have saved us so much time mounting fenders to various bikes, no more fabricating and screwing around to find that perfect fit, more bikes through the stand with less time= happy customers. And they they look more professional than a fabricated one and don’t rust.

  5. Oops, thanks for pointing that out Jeff! I neglected to convert the pricing from CAD but I’ve fixed the error, all prices are now shown in USD.

  6. So they make a set of fenders specifically for bike with thru axles, and then rely on there being a brake bridge to mount to. Seems like a bit of a fail.

    • Good eye, Sam! The clip-on seatstay/bridge mount is designed with channels to facilitate the fenders being attached to the seat stays using included zap-straps, if there’s no brake bridge/arch to use.

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