It’s that time of year again. Do you know someone who has made a large and lasting impact on mountain biking? Each year the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame (MBHOF) opens up their nomination process to recognize those people who make the biggest contributions to our sport.

Anyone can submit a mountain bike community member for inclusion into the Hall of Fame from now until April 15. The nomination process involves selecting a deserving individual, getting their approval & help to document their contribution, auditing by the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, and then finally an open vote by members of the MBHOF organization.

Voting will open June 15 to active members, with new inductees announced August 1.

Last year’s 2017 inductees included: bike maker Brent Foes, Italian DH racer Giovanna Bonazzi, Paragon Machine Works’ Mark Norstad, and German advocate & promoter Wolfgang Renner.

“The MBHOF is a global entity representing the entire world of mountain biking. Their charter is to recognize those who have shaped the sport and who have had widespread influence. These individuals may have been working out of their garage, through a brand, an organization or in competition. Whether building bikes, building trails or racing, a worthy candidate will have contributed something more than a great track record. A strong candidate will have shifted the paradigm and changed the way we look at things going forward. Their contribution will have as much significance 10 or 20 years from now as it does today.”


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