The next time you’re out for a night ride you might not have to worry about your battery life. That is, if you have the new Blackburn Countdown 1600. We’ve all been there – maybe you forgot to charge your light before the ride, or you’re simply out for a long ride. Before you know it, your light shifts down into limp home mode because you kept it on high for too long. Now, Blackburn is giving you a precise method of making sure that won’t happen again.

Blackburn Countdown 1600 light gives you a timer for your battery life

Designed to be the perfect all-in-one off-road light source, the Blackburn Coundown 1600 offers an impressive 1600 lumens on full power ‘Blitz’ mode. Otherwise, you’re looking at 1200 on high, 600 on medium, and 300 on low, plus pulse and strobe modes with run times ranging from 1.3hrs on Blitz to 12hrs on pulse or strobe.

Key to the Countdown though it the Countdown Logic which displays the actual battery life remaining in the current light mode. That way, if you won’t have enough light to get home in the current setting, you can drop it down in order to ensure you have the most light possible for your trip home. The display is backlit for easy viewing at night, and includes three buttons for easy navigation of settings.

Blackburn Countdown 1600 light gives you a timer for your battery life

Thanks to lights like the Countdown, external battery packs are becoming things of the past (or just for endurance racers). Instead, the internal lithium-ion battery is housed in the relatively small 240g light, and the whole thing can be recharged in 4 hours with a 2amp USB port (1amp charging will charge the battery in 8 hours). An added bonus of the display screen is that it also tells you what percentage the battery is charged to – perfect for those days where you’re just trying to squeeze in enough juice for your ride.

Blackburn Countdown 1600 light gives you a timer for your battery life

As this is a light geared towards mountain biking, the hinged mount features an aluminum thumb screw to cinch it down tight, and it will fit bars from 22.2mm to 35mm.

Blackburn Countdown 1600 light gives you a timer for your battery life

Built to ANSI FL-1 standards and IP-67 waterproof, the light should still survive when your bike takes a tumble. Priced at $159.95, the light is available now for night time adventures.


  1. Blackburn won’t getting any more of my dollars, nor will their sister companies Giro, Bell, CoPilot, et al. Their association with VO firearms is enough for me to choose another company with no association to killing tools. I feel for the employees of the cycling sports brands, but boycotts are not directed at the staff. We need to stop supporting, through direct or indirect means, gun and ammunition manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Enough people have died.

    • If you are truly serious about not supporting industries that kill people; I find it honorable that you do not drink beer or any other kind of alcohol, nor do you own or travel in a motor vehicle.

      Thank you for your sacrifice.

        • How is it a false equivalence? Automobiles kill far more people (especially children) than guns, even the extra-scary AR-15, and many deaths are premeditated and malicious. Think of how many cyclists have been killed by cars, in accidents and on purpose.

        • In 2015, 10,265 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, yet the auto industry will not put any sort of ignition lock in their vehicles so that only a person who is sober can operate the vehicle.

          The alcohol industry will not work with automakers to find a solution, so both are responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent American’s each year.

          Both are much more culpable than Camelbak, Giro, etc are for ANY gun deaths in America.

          • Paul B +1
            Also, just because one buys aGiro product does not mean any money goes to Federal Premium ammunition or the NRA (which is America’s oldest Civil Rights foundation). Likewise, if Federal Premium makes $0 in 2018, Vista will not use Bell/Giro profits to prop up their ammunition beans.
            Just because you buy a Chevrolet doesn’t mean your money keeps Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Hummer in business.

  2. Plenty of other brands to deal without pumping money into direct ammunition and assualt type rifle manufacturing. thanks

  3. This is cool, but that mount is as gangly as early gopro bike mounts, are they selling a gopro adapter so that it can mount to the gopro standard mounts I’ve already got on my bikes?

  4. Boycott pro-NRA Vista Outdoor brands Blackburn, CamelBak®, Bollé®, Bell, Giro, Copilot child carrier seats and bike trailers, along with Krash child helmets, Serengeti Eyewear, Cebe eyewear, Tasco, Bushnell® and another 40 brand names in the link below.

    • DJ-
      See my above point.
      “Just because you buy a Chevrolet doesn’t mean your money keeps Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Hummer in business.”
      Money spent with Giro/Bell/Blackburn does not mean you’re funding the NRA.
      It’s funny that so many business owners who write orders with Giro and the like don’t understand how businesses operate.

      • Maybe our consumer purchases won’t directly contribute to the NRA bottom line, but the a boycott can and will definitely convey a message to Vista profits. I think the American public as a whole has reached a tipping point and is so very sick and tired of seeing gun violence senseless deaths.

  5. How about talking bikes and not your personal views. This is a bike forum, take your personal agenda’s to another forum.

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