N1NO Schurter – A Mountain Biker’s Hunt for Glory” is a compelling and in-depth documentary following the dominant Swiss cross-country mountain bike racer from his youth through six World Championship titles and culminating with a Rio Gold medal win back in 2016. The full 26 minute film is available now via RedBull.tv, giving a behind the scenes look at the 31-year-old mountain bike legend, with footage composed by award winning action cinematographer Christophe Margot.

Get a closer look at the committed, focused, and ultimately incredibly successful mountain bike racer. Bike & team sponsor Scott had put together a 15-part series on Schurter’s #HuntForGlory culminating with this full documentary.

It doesn’t really look like he is slowing down much either. We’ve gotten up close looks at his bikes the last couple years, where he continues to dominate in the rainbow stripes of the World Champ.


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