After having multiple bidders prolong the original bankruptcy reorganization plan, a new owner has emerged for Niner Bikes. UWHK Limited, which also owns several other cycling brands, has finalized the purchase of Niner Bikes and will keep the brand’s Fort Collins, CO, team and building in place. We’ll have a more in depth interview with co-founder and president Chris Sugai, soon, for more details. In the meantime, press release follows:

PRESS RELEASE: (FORT COLLINS, Colo.) March 9, 2018 – UWHK Limited, formerly Emersion International, announced today it finalized the purchase of Niner Bikes. The acquisition includes an accelerated global expansion plan for the premium off-road bicycle brand. Niner is expected to gain market share through independent bicycle dealers and international distribution.

Chris Sugai continues as president of Niner Bikes, located in Fort Collins, Colorado. “We are in-step with the vision and fast-track global plans for Niner. Our leadership team and culture, which are synonymous with our brand, will be maintained,” explains Sugai. “UWHK’s support allows the dedicated team at Niner to keep producing high quality bikes.”

“I got into this business because of my passion for all things cycling and I’m glad we can get back to making awesome bikes,” adds Sugai. “Supporting riders and giving back to the riding community will continue.”

UWHK Limited is an investment firm in premium global outdoor brands and a division of United Wheels Limited. United Wheels is the majority shareholder in Huffy Corporation and owner of Allite, Inc. and VAAST Bicycles, to be launched later in 2018. Each company, including Niner, maintains separate operations.

“Acquiring Niner represents important opportunities for UWHK and Niner,” states Bruno Maier, Managing Director of New Business. “With UWHK’s support, Niner can focus on quality off-road product R & D and effective strategies to maximize gains.”

“UWHK recognizes the short-term and long-term potential of this acquisition. Chris Sugai has the right team in place to accelerate Niner’s growth and ultimately, to increase global market share”, continues Maier.

Financial details of the sale were not disclosed.

UWHK (formerly Emersion International) is a global holding company of outdoor brands owned by United Wheels. UWHK seeks high-end outdoor companies and brands to add to its portfolio of Huffy Corporation, as well as Allite, Inc., and VAAST Bicycles, which will be launched later in 2018.

Niner Bikes was founded in 2004 to focus on the needs of the 29-inch mountain bike revolution. Since then, it has diversified its offering to other wheel sizes as well as other cycling disciplines in the off-road segment.


  1. So what happened to Columbia Basin Partners, did they pull out or were they on the other end of the shaft?
    Good luck to Niner, but it never looks good to publicly declare an intent to sell to one party, then sell to another, even less so when that party is the owner of Huffy.
    Still, with a little luck all will turn out to be well, eventually.

    • Lot of moving pieces in a deal like this. Once the bankruptcy was in process, that complicates matters as the previous owners basically have to relinquish control and have not real decision making authority at that point. Many bike brands have went this same route.

    • This business is making great bikes and loosing money lets buy them and not do anything and we’ll be sure to profit! (sarc) changes are a coming.

  2. Investor’s want returns. If the returns don’t come, then they will start making changes until they do. If we assume Niner was already doing everything they could to turn a profit and reach maximum market share for their particular product, and that was not quite enough, then we can assume at some point changes are coming.

    • Optimistically, this could provide purchasing leverage for commodities like spokes and chains, etc. that could reduce cost, and there could be distribution and corporate services (HR, Finance, etc.) synergies that also help improve profitability. Here’s hoping for the best.

  3. Huffy? Ouch.

    It’s like saying, “we sold our souls to Wal-Mart, but we’ll remain independent and exclusive”. Doesn’t really work like that, not in today’s marketplace. Especially with bike-savvy customers.

    Once bikers associate Niner with Huffy, they’ll become viewed as nothing more than higher end Niner-branded Huffy bikes. Sales will fall, image will suffer, and they’ll be swimming in obscurity.

    Best of luck to them…

  4. “to accelerate Niner’s growth and ultimately, to increase global market share”,
    Why can’t someone be brave enough to just say “let’s build great bikes, fun bikes, simple bikes”?

  5. How did that work out for DK bikes and Airborne? DK started showing up in department stores. Eventually the original owner ended up buying the names back from Huffy.

  6. I have no problem with the Huffy owners acquiring Niner. Dorel, (Pacific) has high end and low end. However, I always hated the ‘Niner’ name. Eventhough they can make other sizes, it just comes across as narrow sighted. 26″ fat bikes are standard, 650B road is popping up, 700c gravel, etc, are all out there. I know I am going to get criticized for this, but I think they always could’ve had a better name.

  7. Love my NINER, I live in CO, and I’ve got cash… Yo Niner, how much you want for your company? I’ll buy you guys and get you back on track. Holla back.

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