The latest iteration of Wilier’s core Zero.7 lightweight road racing bike adds an incredibly shiny limited edition Night Chrome finish to the bike that received updates the last time we checked in on it back in 2016. With a sub 800g frame including modern aero integration, the Zero.7 joins the Cento10s in getting the deep cromovelata treatment.

Wilier limited Night Chrome Zero.7 carbon road bike

Working off the popular limited edition Ramato copper chrome plated versions of the Cento10AIR (raced by Filippo Pozzato), Cento10AIR Disc, and the steel Superleggera, Wilier Triestina is chroming up their classic lightweight carbon race bike in high-luster silver and black.

The Zero.7 was developed to push the weight down of a proper road racing bike, and at 780g claimed for a medium frame, plus a 350g fork, it remains one of the lighter bikes being raced. For a light bike it is also quite modern with neat modular cable routing and aerodynamic optimizations like the integrated fork to downtube design. To cut more cleanly through the wind, the latest Zero.7 actually used an improved carbon layup & construction to reduce overall frame volume by 19%, creating smaller diameter tubing and a smaller profile in the wind, all without impacting stiffness.

Tech details

The Zero.7 is the lightest bike Wilier Triestina has made. It features a 2 into 1 plate style routing that pulls cables out of the wind and a 3D shaped replaceable derailleur hanger that doubles as the cable routing stop to take the stress out of the full carbon dropouts.

It features a BB386EVO bottom bracket, a 1.125-1.25″ tapered steerer, yet sticks with a traditional round 27.2mm seatpost. The Zero.7 fits up to 28mm tires.

Cromovelata finish tech

Wilier pioneered chrome plated paint look back in 1947, with a galvanizing process on their lugged steel Ramato bike. It delivered the reflective quality, topped off by a deep clearcoat for that deep shine. Last year they adapted cromovelato to the Cento10AIR aero road bike for the Italian bike maker’s 100th anniversary. And consumer demand now has them bringing it in straight chrome to the Zero7.


The Zero.7 Night Chrome Edition is available as a frameset only in the USA, and quantities are said to be very limited. It is available in the bike’s standard six size range (XS-XXL). Wilier dealers are accepting pre-orders now for the $5300 frameset, with delivery stateside expected in July.

Euro buyers can pick up the Chrome frame kit for 4300€ or even build it into a number of complete bikes starting at 5750€.

If you want to get one of the standard painted Zero.7 frame kits, they will set you back 3300€ including the frame, fork, Ritchey WCS headset & Superlogic carbon seatpost, or from 3700€ with customized paint colors. In the US the only option besides this chromed out bike seems to be a $6550 complete bike build with Dura Ace r9100 but a set of budget alloy Shimano wheels.


  1. Correction. The Wilier Zero.6 is the lightest bike Wilier makes at a claimed frame weight of 680 grams, as opposed to the Zero.7’s claimed weight of 799 grams.

    • @Sam That is indeed true, but Wilier somehow considers the Zero.6 to be the lightest version of the Zero.7. It’s a bit odd, but they make it seem like the Zero family is their light bike. Hit the link at the top on the page from back in 2016 for the fill details on the super light 6 version.

  2. Watch out when buying this brand. The only grant warranty to initial and registered owner, which means, if you buy it from somebody else within the waranty frame (5 years), they will not grant any warranty on the bicycle, since you were not the original owner. This is an insane policy, since the warranty goes to the item for 5 years, not the person. Secondly, if you buy it through a representative in a different country that USA or Italy, they do not care how the warranty is managed. I had to pay some money to get a warranty on a broken frame. I called Wilier USA and the simply told me, “I do not understand why they have to ask for certain payment on it. If you were here, I would exchange immediately the frame at no cost, but we cannot control how our representatives manages their business” This is unreal. Be aware and buy other brand.

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